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What Are the Best NFT Games to Play on Mobile Platforms?

Mobile game developers have separated themselves and created a whole new industry. Amidst the rise of smartphones over the last fifteen or so years, many people who were casual gamers before have transitioned to playing games on their mobile phones. The userbase of smartphones already vastly outnumbers that of PCs and consoles. 

So you might ask why there are so many mobile games being developed compared to other platforms. The main advantage of mobile gaming in general is that you have access to the game almost immediately since everyone carries their mobile device with them all the time. This makes some genres stand out more than others compared to regular old-school gaming titles. Multiplayer games that you can play a quick ten minute match to earn some tokens, idle games where you can rapidly complete some daily quests, and arcade games with simple mechanics that you can turn off your mind and use as a relaxing tool after a busy day make up for a casual gaming experience that you can enter at any time you want. This creates the perfect formula for developers; they can craft simple and easy to get into games that will reach a huge number of people because it is within their reach with just a click.

The mobile gaming industry covers casual, idle, competitive, and arcade games that are mostly addicting. Tokenizing these kinds of games is much easier for developers because they can add experience-enhancing consumables and cosmetic items much more easily compared to story-driven games. Also, most of these games are multiplayer, which creates an environment for people to share their experiences and allows more people to join their friends, or at least try out these games. The current NFT and crypto-economy systems that are used in mobile games are a continuation of the systems that can be found in older mobile games with microtransactions but mostly without the appalling nature of them.

As more game companies started making games for mobile platforms and releasing them for a fraction of the cost of triple-A games, or even better, free, their player base got massive. This created a market where they could sell in-game items and assets with microtransactions in their games. This was a whole new way of earning income for developers that allowed players to mostly buy what they liked or what they needed in a game. You could buy items that help you progress through a game or change your appearance in a game that makes you cooler. What if these items were NFTs that allowed you to own what you bought? 

This is where the mobile NFT games come into play. Many developers are making blockchain and NFT integrated games nowadays. The NFTs that are incorporated into mobile games allow players to own their hard-earned items and assets. There are many uses of gaming NFTs; you can buy, sell, or trade these NFT items however you like. If you decide to keep these NFTs even after you have stopped actively playing a game, they can generate passive income by staking, for example, which is always a bonus.

There are more than a handful of mobile games that use NFT items compared to the past. Since there are heaps of mobile games nowadays, it can be very hard to choose which one to invest your time and money in. You might be a casual gamer who wants to take your mind off work for a few hours each week or a hardcore gamer who teams up with friends to play competitive games. There are mobile games that suit each type of player. Since you are looking into mobile games, you are probably using an Android or an iOS device. We will be covering and recommending mobile games for both of these operating systems.

Games that are available on both Android and iOS

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity would probably be the first game you found if you were researching mobile blockchain games. The gameplay features NFT creatures called Axies that you can capture, train, form teams, and participate in battles with. It is one of the most popular games that has a huge market volume and userbase. However, the price of entry may be a bit too high for you. Still, you should at least look at how the blockchain and NFT systems are used in the game since it is one of the best examples of blockchain gaming you can find.


StepN is one of those games that combines real-life experience, blockchain technology, and gaming. Say you are jogging or going on a stroll with your dog every day. StepN allows you to earn without interrupting your daily routine. You can purchase NFT sneakers that are categorized for different purposes, like walkers or joggers. The game acts as an application that obtains your geographical position from your mobile device as you activate the shoes and try to match a certain speed. You should definitely try StepN out if you are not into traditional games but are looking into stepping into the world of NFTs.

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena game that can be likened to League of Legends and Dota 2. If you have ever played a mobile MOBA game before, the controls and the feel of the game will be very familiar to you right from the start. You can choose from a pool of NFT heroes that are categorized into different roles. Most of these heroes are easy to learn and hard to master. You can easily find games and play against other players. The game also has a progression system that is a leveling bar similar to battle passes, which can be found in competitive games. Generally, a quick play game lasts for ten to fifteen minutes, so it’s ideal to hop in and play several games each day if you are looking for some casual entertainment.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes is one of the best examples of this genre that incorporates token usage and NFTs in the game. Well, tower defense is one of the most suitable game genres for mobile play in my opinion.  The game features a gradually progressing adventure mode with an enormous number of missions. The maps are designed carefully to provoke strategic play. You can combine and choose many different NFT towers, spells, and heroes that would suit your playstyle. This game is a must-try if you enjoy strategy games.


Splinterlands is an auto-battler that features NFT cards that you can buy to use in your decks. You can purchase from a vast selection of cards that fit many different playstyles. If you have played a card collectible and an auto-battler before, everything will fall into place when you first start this game. You make your decks, power selections, and battle formations just before you enter a match, then you watch how everything plays out. You can strategize and make adjustments between rounds to overcome your opponent. Since the games don’t require you to actively perform actions, this is a great game if you want to take your time and relax while you play.

The Nemesis

The Nemesis is a blockchain metaverse. You can own an NFT avatar and wander around the metaverse. The game allows you to explore the open world, socialize with other players, and participate in various activities. If you have never experienced a metaverse before, it is kind of related to massively multiplayer online games. Some metaverse games even feature role-playing elements such as character stats and abilities. The main difference is that in the metaverse, player characters and in-game items are tokenized. Some in-game activities, events, and the market require you to have the game's native token. You can customize and create your own journey and experience the metaverse however you please. You should consider jumping in if the Nemesis's metaverse seems interesting. A little bit of curiosity goes a long way!

Mobile NFT Games that are only available on Android


WidiLand is a farming simulator where you have to manage your crops, workers, and buildings. It is akin to games like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley in terms of gameplay. You can own NFT lands and assign farmers to harvest crops. The game features a great tutorial on how the in-game mechanics work. These actions take time, and you have to idle for a bit to obtain your products. This makes WidiLand an ideal game to play for about half an hour each day while your farm operates in the background. Farming games are certainly enjoyable and addicting in a fun way. You should just dive in!

Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a role-playing game that offers both a PvE and a PvP experience for you. It combines base and team management systems and features turn-based battles. You can recruit heroes that are categorized into types, such as damage dealers and tanks, all of which have sub-classes. If you are looking for a mobile role-playing game that features a progression-based adventure mode with a city and economy maintenance aspect, you should definitely give this game a try.


What Are the Best NFT Games to Play on Mobile Platforms?


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