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Action, RPG

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

$0.52241990 (5.88%)
Developer TouchHour
Market Cap $467.77 M
Volume $151.51 M
Website 9livesarena.com


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9Lives Arena is a competitive online role-playing game that focuses on one versus one PvP gameplay. The game features character progression, resource gathering, item crafting, and permadeath. Players can also have companions named Ooogy that help in gathering resources, crafting, and mining even when the player is offline.


In 9Lives Arena, there are no fixed classes for heroes, they can be built with the freedom to change the playstyle anytime. The character development doesn’t take much time either, heroes can be built from the ground up in hours after their creation. This is enabled by the persistent progression system tied to the player’s account. There are five different character slots to fill and experiment with various heroes. Heroes’ weapon art, spells, passive skills, and active skills can differ. These skills and spells can be leveled up by using talent points.

During character creation, players can choose a spirit animal that gives permanent bonuses such as more critical chance or spell range to the hero.  Ooogy can be controlled from a mobile application and in the game as well. Players can command Ooogy to do work such as mining and gathering. Ooogy needs to be fed fish in order to maintain their energy. 

Permadeath occurs when a hero runs out of lives. Training and friendly duels won’t cause them to lose lives. When a character dies, they turn into a statue that displays all the achievements the hero gained and can be placed in the training arena. The death of a character leaves behind a spirit hunter who can fight to gain back nine lives. If they manage to gain back those nine lives, the hero will be resurrected as an immortal. Immortals have their own leaderboard, and they can win or lose live based on an outcome of a fight.

Token Information

Players can buy, sell, and exchange NFT assets from the marketplace using the ENJ coin. These NFTs can be in form of in-game items or a minted Ooogy. Blockchain NFTs can be gained through gameplay elements such as ranking highly in the arena. 


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9Lives Arena

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