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Age of Battles

Age of Battles

AOB Network
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Age of Battles is a play-and-earn free-to-play blockchain real-time strategy game where players can own NFT items and earn AOB tokens on the Polygon network. Players can collect cards and participate in different real-time battle modes. The game is developed by Firebyte Games and will be available on mobile and desktop.


Age of Battles is based in a fantasy world with different characters. These characters are represented by collectible cards that the players can use during battles. Collectible cards are units, spells, or consumables that can be used. Using these items uses energy, which is replenished while the battle goes on. The battles are carried out between two players, with each deploying unit cards to attack the other’s castle. The battle arena consists of three lanes in which the units can move and attack. Players can strategically decide and choose which lane to attack and deploy units subsequently.

Players can advance in the ranks by winning games. This gives players honor points, which the PvP ranking system is based on. Honor points gained are according to the ranks of each player. Winning a match against higher-ranked player awards more honor points. Each rank on the PvP ladder is represented by various realms. There are four different battlegrounds that give separate rewards and unlock new sets of cards; castles, magical fortresses, hellish keeps, and dwarven caves. Players have to collect cards and expand their collections while also upgrading their units in order to get stronger.

As a basic set, there are thirty unit cards and eight spell cards available to players. Players can create up to five of their own decks using these cards. Having multiples of the same card allows players to upgrade the card levels. This amount increases as the level of a card is raised. Cards can be tokenized into NFTs by combining three level twelve cards. Players have to use NFTs in their decks to participate in tournaments. 

The Alliance system grants players access to different cards that are owned by other players. Players can exchange cards through a donation and a request system. If a player is missing a card for an upgrade or a certain strategy, they can request a card. If the reverse happens, the player can donate a card to a friend in need. This, of course, is done by adding each other to the friends list. After a player becomes friends with another, they can participate in friendly battles.

Aside from the regular ladder and friendly battles, there are special events called trials that reward greater prizes. These events can be entered to win reward chests that upgrade upon reaching a certain milestone that is counted by each win against a player. If a player loses three battles in total, they will be kicked from the trials, but they will receive the chest that they have been fighting for.

Token Information

AOB tokens can be used to buy, sell, lend, and borrow NFT cards, items, and consumables in the marketplace. They can be earned through participating in different game modes, completing quests, winning tournaments, and ranking highly on the leaderboard. They can also be staked for further profits.

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