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Alchemy Toys

Alchemy Toys

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Alchemy Toys is an on-chain board game with collectible NFT cards that are supported by the game’s in-game currency, Game Ace Tokens (GAT). The game has 127 different cards types divided into seven different levels or tiers. Every single card has its own serial number, which indicates its value. If the serial number is lower, the card is older and valuable. 


The game centers around collecting NFT cards and burning them to create better cards. If a player creates a better and new card by burning cards, the newly created card will have a new and unique serial number. Players can increase their chances to burn high-level cards to create even better cards. 

Alchemy Toys is a turn-based game; a player can only play five turns per cycle. Players can take four different actions on their cycle turns; worship, melt, sacrifice, and proclamation. Also, players can choose not to take any action according to their game strategy. Worship action is an ancient ritual that allows the players to summon “Alchemic Deity” and receive three cards randomly of the lowest level with a slight chance (1 in 8) of getting a higher-level card. Melting action makes two cards be placed into the circle of fire to be destroyed forever to create a new card of a higher level. The newly created card will be +1 level higher than the average of destroyed cards. Sacrifice action lets players sacrifice at least one of their cards and receive the “enlightenment” card. However, the sacrificed card will be lost forever, even in other future epochs. The proclamation action burns the enlightenment cards and gives the winner player a new “Godhood” card. This card can be used in follow-up games. In every game, there might be more than one winner. In this case, the winner’s place is determined by the value of their sacrificed cards. 

A cycle takes around eight hours to finish. When the cycle is completed, a new epoch, a new game round, starts. At the beginning of an epoch, all alchemy recipes of the players will be reset. Then, the players have to figure out what token type is generated by combining two other cards. This feature creates an unpredictable gaming experience for players because every epoch is a brand new gaming process. An epoch can last for days or weeks, according to the players’ winning time. 

Token Information

Alchemy Toys has two different tokens: TOY NFTs (ERC721) and GATs (Game Ace Tokens). TOYs are pieces of the game's treasury; players can mint a TOY via in-game activities such as worshipping and melting. GATs are pre-minted and limited to a total supply of 1.000.000 tokens. They can be used for staking and purchasing NFTs from the marketplace.


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