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Alienworld Play to Earn

100+ hours played







Started alienworld about a year ago, TLM is currently at $0.07473 as of date. During 2021 April, TLM had no pricing attached to it. You buy NFTS and tools to increase you farm rate by choosing a planet and mining its Trillium (TLM) at lands owned by players. A tax rate is set by a player and the amount of TLM you farmed goes to you minus the tax rate set by the players. At that point of time using the basic equipment you could mine at least 1 TLM as there were little players playing the game. During its launch TLM was priced at around $2 dollars for a period of time where i earned 500 USDT playing the game for a week, mining 10 hours per day every 5 mins. I was thrilled and amazed at the same time as i had only spend $0.20 cents on a tool. Also, you get a chance to mine random NFTS, that could sell ranging from $1 dollars to $10000 depending on your luck. As time pass, more and more players joined the game and the rewards has lessen, however it is still free to play and up till now so no complaints for me. They are still working on a metaverse and hopefully, the old days where u can earn big rewards get back again. For now, still playing the game whenever i am free, and still have a function of sending spaceships using the TLM to collect nfts on binance block chain. To me it is an amazing play to earn game! Highly recommend newbies new to blockchain to try out this game as there is no need for investments.

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