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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

AlinX (ALIX)

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Developer AlinX



Introduction is a play-to-earn blockchain platform where players can own NFT assets and earn ALIX tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can participate in different activities and trade on the NFT markets. The game is available to play on browsers.

Gameplay takes place on Alix, where players are tasked to serve and protect the planet from birth. Player characters can be one of the five classes; archer, fighter, destroyer, wanderer, and templar. Archers are ranged warriors, fighters utilize their shields and swords, destroyers dual-wield their weapons, wanderers are tactical scouts, and templars are the commanders that can use all sorts of equipment. Heroes are divided into qualities that are indicated by star ratings, with archers being the lowest with one star while the templars are the highest with five stars.

Players can buy and get various types of keys that will open golden chests. Golden chests contain different heroes, and the chance to receive them depends on the key used to open them. There are three types of keys; copper, golden, and diamond, with diamond being the most valuable. These keys can be bought using ALIX tokens. More valuable keys increase the chances of receiving higher-rated heroes.

There are two hero fighting modes; PvE and PvP. Heroes can fight against non-player-controlled monster enemies in the PvE mode. Heroes have different amounts of battles and turns depending on their class. Battle turns dictate how many times they can participate in a fight per day. Archers have two battle turns, while the templars have ten turns. There are seven types of enemies that range from easiest to hardest; canal monster, grave digger, savage skiller, magma devil, orye master, crystal golem, and bane hallow. The harder the enemy, the greater the reward will be. PvP mode consists of arenas where players can compete against each other and gain points to rank highly on the leaderboard. Hero NFTs can also be used to farm ALIX tokens.

Token Information

ALIX tokens can be earned by defeating monsters in the PvE mode or participating in the PvP mode. ALIX can be used to buy chests, keys, and heroes from the marketplace. They also act as governance tokens.

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