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Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn



$0.21332 (3.26%)
Polygon 0x8765...16662eB



$114.74 M

Market Cap


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Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn is a play-to-earn role-playing game on the Ethereum Network. The main in-game currency is PLA, PlayDapp’s own token, which allows for players to own their equipment as NFTs.


Players can draft teams of heroes, and they vary from 1 star to 5 stars. Every hero can level up and earn experience. There are different attributes to heroes like fire and earth. Composing a team of different attributes and focusing on enemies’ weaknesses is key to winning.

Scenario mode is available from the start, it is a must to complete this mode to progress. Players can unlock other modes such as Arena, Infinite Tower, and Raid. Playing each game mode will give players unique rewards. Gems and gold are used for different things. Golds are for upgrading runes and buying scrolls through the shop, while gems are for continuing a lost battle or expanding storage space for runes, heroes, and accessories. Runes give bonus stats such as Attack, Magic Defense, and Hit Points.

Token Information

Players can spend their PLA tokens on the PlayDapp marketplace to purchase NFTs. PLA tokens can be earned through successful participation in different game modes or selling NFT items at the marketplace.


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