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Amarna is a blockchain-based play-to-earn MOBA game on the BSC with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, AMAR. The players can battle and fight to  win cryptocurrency rewards in this Ancient Egypt themed game.


The game takes place during a war between the Pharaoh Akhe and the god of death, Anubis. Players can participate in the game without purchasing any NFT heroes by using the default non-NFT hero that is given to them.

The game offers two main modes of play: PvP and PvE. In the PvP mode, players compete against other online players in unique battles. The game has three different modes for this mode: team deathmatch, free killing, and arenas. In a team deathmatch, two teams of three players fight against each other in a round-based competition. The only way to win a round is to defeat more enemy members than the opposing team until the time runs out. In Free Killing mode, players have no teammates, and it's only the player against everyone. In arenas, matches take place on specifically designed maps for higher token rewards.

In the PvE mode, players compete against human or monster NPCs to accomplish tasks. Players can win prizes in the PvP game mode by fighting their opponents; they can also earn rewards in the PvE game mode by defeating mobs. In PvE mode, players experience great adventures while exploring the unique history of Amarna.

Players can claim ownership of NFT game assets through three main strategies. They could create or breed new characters, purchase digital items on native or third-party marketplaces, or unlock and earn new items. Players can earn tokens in different ways within the game. Token-earning ways can be grouped under two main headings: daily quests and daily achievements. Daily quests consist of 3 different missions, and upon completion of all of these missions, players receive tokens and energy. Players can earn daily tokens under daily achievements; there is no limit to daily achievements as long as players have energy.

Players can refill their in-game energies by spending tokens at certain times and within certain limits. Additionally, when NFTs are killed by an opponent during matches, they take a certain amount of attrition or damage. If an NFT's quality drops to 0, it cannot be used in matches unless it is repaired. Players can repair NFTs by using a certain amount of tokens depending on the amount of damage.

The skills of NFT heroes can be changed with the “Stats Rolling” system. Players can take advantage of the Stat Rolling system to create Heroes that suit their playstyle. Heroes can have 3 different classes. The game also has a ranking system based on player level, Amarna level, and battle strength, where top racing events and separate events with prizes are held. Players can also generate passive income by the staking feature where players can collect $AMAR.

Token Information

The AMAR token is a native token of the Amarna game that serves several key functions within the game. Players can use AMAR tokens for staking, governance voting rights in DAO, in-game purchase, buying and selling initial NFTs, rewards, fusion, breeding, repairing, and refilling energy. Staking allows players to earn additional rewards and benefits within the game. This could include exclusive in-game items, increased experience points, or other bonuses. AMAR tokens can be used for in-game purchase, buying and selling NFTs on the game's marketplace, which can be used in the game as playable characters, weapons, or other in-game assets. 

Players can also earn AMAR tokens as rewards for completing in-game challenges, leveling up, or other achievements. Additionally, players can use AMAR tokens to combine two or more NFTs together to create a new, more powerful NFT, or to breed two NFTs together to create a new NFT with the combined attributes of both parents. If NFTs become damaged during gameplay, players can use AMAR tokens to repair them, and if they run out of energy, they can use AMAR tokens to refill their in-game energy. 

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