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Animal World

Animal World

Animal World
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Animal World is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain farming simulation game where players can own resource NFTs and earn AWC tokens on the WAX network. Players are able to tend their farms and gather resources in order to progress. The game is available to play on browsers.


Animal World’s play-to-earn model operates through various mechanics. Players can earn resources from animals, trees, and crops. They can convert these items into finished products using machines and sell them through the daily market in order to gain AWC tokens. Players also can own land NFTs to generate income by lending these lands to other players.

There are three main types of raw materials in the game: trees, animals, and crops. Trees generate fruits such as oranges, mangoes, figs, coconuts, or lemons, while animals produce milk, eggs, meat, and honey. Crops, on the other hand, range from wheat, corn, carrots, to soy beans. Machines like juicers, popcorn makers, BBQs, ice cream makers, dairies, feeders, and bakeries are used to convert these raw resources into finished products. 

Players can mint these resources or products into NFT packs and sell them on the secondary marketplace. Also, community lands can be bought by the players in order to generate more income. Other players can plant their NFT materials and cultivate the land, which earns the landowner tokens. 

Players can complete daily market orders that require specific sets of resources or products in order to earn AWC tokens. These orders are available to players daily, and they are ever-changing according to their levels. The level system caps at level ten, and players can earn experience points by simply completing market orders. 

Each NFT item, such as machines, animals, shelters, and crop fields, has levels. They can be upgraded by spending a certain amount of AWC tokens and merging multiples of the same rarity. Upgrading NFTs results in them having better attributes. Their rarities range from common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic.

Token Information

AWC tokens are the native tokens of the Animal World on the WAX network. Players can use these tokens on the marketplace in order to buy NFT packs of in-game items such as trees, raw materials, or even products. They are also used to upgrade NFTs and can stake them in order to generate more income.


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