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Animalia Team
Card, Strategy
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Animalia is a Play to Earn, turn-based strategy NFT card game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain with its cryptocurrency, ANIM. In the game, matches happen between two players in a one vs. one battle setup. Each player takes turns to play their cards from their card deck to try to cripple the opponent by casting powerful spells, equipping powerful items, or summoning critters to show up on their behalf on the battlefield.


In the game, every player has a titan, an in-game representative character of the players, and they take action through their titans. At the beginning of each game, both players will be greeted by their opponent’s titan type and their selected gemstones. After that, players can decide who would start the game with an opening move. If players can’t decide that, the game will automatically flip a coin to determine the order of play. Players draw three cards and a gemstone to begin with. From that point, players will draw a new card from their deck at the beginning of each turn. With every turn, players gain one more shard, the energy source that determines the moves of the players and has a pool of 10 shards in total. Players have to develop their strategy according to the amount of their shard pool and their cards’ abilities to be victors against their opponent. 

To play the game, players must own a deck that contains a minimum of 30 cards. Players should create their decks according to the rules; they cannot add more than two gemstone cards or gemstone types to their decks. Also, players can only have two of the same cards in their decks, and their deck can only contain one legendary card and one arcana card.

Animalia contains three main gameplay styles that players can experience; PvE, Ranked PvP, and Unranked PvP. In PvE mode, players take control of the main character and progress through the storyline on the game’s map. Ranked PvP is best suited for competitive players who can climb higher on the leaderboard to gain better rewards. Unranked PvP is the mode that is similar to Ranked PvP, aside from the ranking system. Players can experience unranked mode freely, but they won’t be able to earn rewards since this mode is not competitive. 

Token Information

ANIM is the official cryptocurrency of Animalia that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network. The token serves as a trading currency in the game’s marketplace and a staking source for investors. ANIM is also a governance token and can be used to make decisions for further updates and additions to the game. 


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