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Adventure, Strategy, Action
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Apeiron is a blockchain-based action-adventure game with strategy elements on the Polygon chain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, APRS, ANIMA, and RNGU. The players take on the role of powerful newborn gods who control unique NFT planets to earn cryptocurrency rewards in this game.


The game features three main features: God-Game Simulation, action-RPG, and NFTs.

In Apeiron, players take on the role of Godlings, powerful newborn Gods who control unique NFT planets. Living on these worlds are the Doods, cute and chubby creatures. As a Godling, players will use their divine powers to help the Doods solve the many problems that inevitably pop up in their daily lives using miracles based around the four traditional elements of fire, air, water, and earth. Players may also take control of the planet’s Avatar, a powerful elemental construct, to explore the universe and engage in thrilling real-time card-based combat.

In God-Game Simulation, players will be in charge of planets with unique biomes. Through powerful elemental miracles—nourishing rainstorms, gentle breezes, raising mountains, and spontaneous fire—the player can grow a world to fit their divine plan. Initially, players need to buy a randomly generated base planet either directly or from another player. The player's soul inhabits the world's EDEN (mysterious structures circulating on the surface of planets), making them the god of that planet. Players who wish to experience the game can reach out to gaming guilds to get a free-to-play "Seed Planet."

Using the EDEN, players can perform miracles. Miracles shape the environment through the traditional elements of earth, water, air, and fire. Performing miracles helps to grow the settlements and evolve the planet itself. As the player levels up their EDEN, more powerful miracles and planetary functions will unlock.

Then, action-RPG meets auto-battler: once the player reaches a certain stage, they can choose to take their avatar and apostles (Doods) and join in epic guild versus guild battles, raids against powerful world bosses, and competitive esports events. The battle gameplay employs card-based combat skills. During battles, avatars will have access to powerful skill cards drawn from a combat deck. As players succeed in defending, they will receive experience and rewards used to upgrade skills and build avatars according to their personal play style. Players will be able to customize their avatar's skills in their combat deck for each encounter. As players progress through building and adventuring, the game unlocks additional features and gameplay at each stage, enhancing its complexity.

The players will have access to three types of core NFTs: planets, stars, and relics. These NFTs play an important role in the game and are essential to the gameplay experience:

Planets are the primary focus of Apeiron and are necessary to play the game. They are unique NFTs that players can acquire in several ways. The first way is through free-to-play gaming guilds. The second way is through an initial planet presale, where players can purchase a primeval planet, which is the “Gen 0” planet that has never been bred before. The third way is through purchasing a planet available on the marketplace. The planets in Apeiron have a unique set of randomly generated traits that are inherited and mixed in later generations. These traits will affect the planet's environment, the type of creatures that live on it, and the miracles that players can use on it. Stars are similar to “land” in other NFT games and have attributes that will bestow bonuses to the planets orbiting them. Each star comes with at least one orbital track for a planet. Planets must be “parked” in the orbital track to receive that star’s benefits. Orbital tracks may be rented out to other players when not in use by the owner. Owners will receive bonuses from player activities. Relics are NFTs that players can earn when they initiate an Armageddon, which is a reset. Players will be given the opportunity to convert some of their game objects into relics. These can include apostles, equipment, skill cards, cosmetics, and even rare planetary wonders that might otherwise be lost during a reset. These relics can be installed into a planet’s relic slot and activated in the next planetary cycle.

Relics can be a valuable asset to players, as they can offer bonuses, abilities, and other benefits to the planet they are installed on. Players can also trade relics on the marketplace, allowing them to earn in-game currency or other valuable NFTs. The combination of planet-shaping, star-orbing, and relic-activating makes the game more challenging.

Players have several ways to earn in-game currency and tokens, including through gameplay, planet breeding, and arena and event battles. One of the key ways to earn in-game currency and tokens is through the Armageddon event. This event is a reset of the game's world and allows players to convert their game objects into relics, which can then be used to upgrade their planets. The Armageddon event also produces a large amount of ANIMA, the play-to-earn token, and soul gems, which can be used to upgrade the player's spirit core. The Spirit Core provides permanent passive and active bonuses, making it an important aspect of the player's progression. Another way to earn in-game currency and tokens is through planet breeding, or what Apeiron calls Celestial Conjunction. This allows players to breed their planets to create new ones with unique traits and characteristics. By breeding their planets, players can earn ANIMA. Players can also earn in-game currency and tokens by participating in arena and event battles. These battles are card-based and require players to use their avatars and apostles (Doods) to defeat opponents. By winning battles, players can earn both ANIMA and APRS, the governance tokens.

Players can also earn in-game currency and tokens by participating in alliance gameplay, specifically in the Galactic Arena. This is a team-based battle mode where players can earn RNGU, the alliance token. As players continue to level up their spirit core, they will find they need more and more soul gems, requiring more and larger resets. In order to get more planets, they will have to become active on the Apeiron marketplace, thus reinforcing the play-and-earn economy.

Token Information

In Apeiron, there are three different types of in-game currency and tokens: APRS, ANIMA, and RNGU. Each of these tokens operates in tandem with NFTs. APRS: The governance token, APRS, is earned through ranking rewards and staking rewards. This token is used to vote on the DAO. It is mainly earned through PvP. 

ANIMA: The play-to-earn token, ANIMA, is earned through play-to-earn rewards, planet breeding, and planet aging. This token is used to purchase in-game items and upgrade the player's spirit core. It is mainly earned by the PvE players who farm dungeons and develop planets to get the best high-end relics and by the speedrunners who focus on maximizing short and speedy cycles to generate more ANIMA.

RNGU: The alliance token, RNGU, is earned through alliance gameplay (Guild vs. Guild, etc.) and rare NFT creations. This token is used to access enticing venues, shops, and yield farming. 

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