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APEMove is a play-to-earn, move-to-earn blockchain sports game where players can own NFT sneakers and earn APE and BAPE tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can participate in different game modes that feature various moving speeds and start earning tokens. The game is available to play on both the Android and iOS platforms.


APEMove requires owning an NFT sneaker to play. Players can either mint a brand new one or buy them directly off the market. There are three game modes; single player, duel, and background. Duel mode allows players to challenge each other, while the background mode grants a fixed amount of earnings according to the players' daily steps that can be collected from their mobile devices. Players can participate in the single-player modes by simply activating their sneakers and moving. The earnings are dependent on several different factors, such as the type of sneaker, the sneaker’s power and agility attributes, and the speed of the movement by the player. The movement speed needs to be matched to the type of sneaker, while the higher the attributes are, the greater the earnings will be. Moving consumes energy and decreases the durability of the sneakers. Once energy is depleted, it can be recovered by waiting. The durability, however, requires a token fee to repair the sneakers. 

There are four different sneaker attributes; power, luck, agility, and armor. Power determines APE token earnings per energy spent, agility dictates BAPE token gains, luck increases the drop rate of loot chests, and armor is related to the durability points of a sneaker. Sneakers’ attributes increase as they level up, along with their repair costs. Players need to keep their sneakers maintained in order to earn optimally. Decreased durability directly affects and decreases the power points of a sneaker.

Sneakers are categorized into four types: walker, jogger, runner, and trainer. Walkers cover 1 to 6 kilometers per hour, joggers cover 4 to 10 km/h, runners cover 8 to 20, and trainers cover 1 to 20 km/h. Trainers are designed to give returns at all speeds, making them highly desirable. There are five sneaker rarities that increase the value of their attributes; common (white), rare (green), unique (blue), mythic (purple), and legendary (orange). Sneakers can also be leveled up. This boosts their attributes by a fixed amount that is increased for higher rarities. Leveling up allows players to reach certain level milestones that give bonuses, such as a fixed earning rate per day.

Token Information

APE tokens have an unlimited supply and are earned through participating in the single-player mode. It can be used to mint, level up, and repair NFT sneakers. BAPE tokens, on the other hand, can only be earned with level thirty sneakers. They can be used to upgrade and mint all sneaker rarities.

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