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Apes Planet

Apes Planet

In Development
Apes Planet Team
Adventure, Metaverse, Puzzle, Action
Not available


Apes Planet is a play-to-earn NFT adventure and fighting game that utilizes the Ethereum and BSC blockchains with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, APN. In Apes Planet players will solve mysteries and puzzles while fighting in a narrative-driven metaverse, whilst earning and monetizing their rewards.


The Apes Planet currently has two games. The Olympus of the Eternal Victory is a puzzle/hidden object game, whilst Apes Planet Champions is a fighting game in which Ape Warriors master the art of war and prepare to become Ape Legends.

In the Apes Planet Champions, there are 7,777 NFT Ape Warriors mastering the art of war. All have special skills and unique attributes integrated into a 3D fighting game, getting ready to battle each other to become Ape Legends. Gameplay is in the form of classical fighting games, in which the winner of two rounds out of three becomes the victor. To win battles, players need to perform and memorize combos and outplay their opponents in PvP and PvE battle modes. 

There are also team battles in which players can team up with their friends, and tournaments that require staked APN tokens to attend. The winners will get token prizes and in-game banana points, which they can spend on collectibles and items or wager on fights. Some of these items include attack weapons with different ranges, magical weapons that can be used from range or in melee, or outright spells to dispel opponents or buff the player. 

The top scorers on the monthly leaderboards or winners of tournaments will get special mystery box rewards with different rarities. These boxes can also be bought on the marketplace for BNB or APN and can be found and opened with the keys from the Apes Planet puzzle game, The Olympus of the Eternal Victory.

The Olympus of the Eternal Victory goes beyond a simple puzzle game and acts as a metaverse of social interaction, with chat options and different game types. Players can go on treasure hunts with limited attempts solo or with teams and will solve puzzles and hidden mysteries to explore and unlock different rooms with special tokens, NFT, or other in-game rewards. They can also take part in PvP javelin throwing challenges and target shooting challenges, or they can take part in chariot races against each other or the NPCs. 

In-game NFTs come in the form of Ape Warriors. They can be upgraded with different traits or leveled up into a legendary NFT that has special access to areas with rare loot drops and full access to all P2E features. These NFT holders will also have better staking options to earn passive income or take part in the DAO. The in-game marketplace will have NFTs for in-game utility items such as spells and utilities to boost players' warriors. They can also buy banana points from the marketplace as NFTs and bet on them in fights. If a player doesn't want to hold an NFT Ape Warrior to play the game, they can buy a special APass to take advantage of the game’s P2E features. These APasses are also a limited number of NFTs that can be staked to earn passive income.

Token Information

APN is a BEP-20/ERC-20 cross-chain token that also acts as the Apes Planet ecosystem’s main utility token. It can be used to acquire a variety of items from the marketplace and can be staked in three different pools with different yield rewards and lock-up periods to earn passive income. It is needed to be staked in order to take part in the fighting game or the main puzzle game.


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