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APWars is a browser-based blockchain strategy game running on the BSC network and using WGOLD as its token. The game leverages the stability of Pancake Swap, where you can seamlessly interact with to trade and gain tokens from liquidity pools. The players are expected to gather troops, advance eras, tiers, and fight the enemy faction.


In terms of gameplay, players need to advance in technology and magic to recruit stronger troops to send to battle. Lesser minions can be combined to foster greater ones, which will improve the players' army strength. Different farming dynamics are revealed as the player advances through the age periods. Also, by staking WGOLD, players can gather loyal troops or hire mercenaries to help with their battles.

During the battles between two factions, Corporation (Corps) and Degenerates (Degen), morale and luck play an important role; they are determined by the random decision cards that may influence the war's outcome. In addition, players can get legendary relics in the form of NFTs, and some of these relics have special powers that can make a difference in battles. 

The players have the chance to earn great wealth in tokens before defeating the enemy forces completely. However, the tokens are guarded by the enemy, and winning them depends on a random chance from 0% to %100 depending on the troops' strength level.

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