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Aqua Farm

Aqua Farm

The Mars Corp.
Adventure, RPG


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Aqua Farm is a Play-to-Earn, adventure RPG game that utilizes the Polygon network with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, AES, PODO. Players will get to navigate the vast ocean of Aqua World where they will explore, survive and fight through various adventures and quests and monetize their rewards.


In Aqua Farm, players and their NFT characters known as Arees will explore the world of Aqua Farm. As the players’ Aree grows stronger, they will face more difficult quests and dungeons, as well as get more lucrative rewards. Arees are ocean fairies that are available from the beginning for each player. Players can use these in adventures and earn rewards but cannot level them up or customize them if they are not NFT Arees. They can acquire NFT Arees by using AES tokens to hatch the eggs they found in the Aqua World. These Arees come with different body parts, traits, and bonuses and are highly customizable and equipable. 

Players can navigate the vast ocean on Aqua World to fight and defeat monsters in dungeons, and players can discover treasure maps in their adventure where they can defeat monsters to take back in-game PODO tokens that were taken by the monsters over 25 maps. 

As all maps unlock via progress gradually, dungeons with higher difficulty and good rewards will follow. The battles of Aqua Farm apply a turn-based idle battle system inspired by such as Axie Infinity. Before the battle begins, Players can place their Aree on a deck of 9 tiles, with a maximum of five Aree in one battle. 

Aree's attack range is determined by their skills, such as range or melee attack. Aree with melee skills can only attack opponents in the front line, whereas Aree with range skills can attack more widely. Players must fully consider the attributes, roles, and stats of their Aree to win. The more Aree the players possess, the more they can play dynamically through different strategies. Each battlefield stage can have multiple attributes, similar to one of the elemental traits of an Aree. Aree's battle efficiency increases if their attribute is the same as the battlefield attribute. 

Aside from the PvE dungeons, Aqua Farm has a PvP mode where players can also engage with each other’s deck of Arees and earn higher rewards, and can stake coins on the matches. There are also non-combat ways to earn in Aree. In an area known as Oasis, players can collect in-game rewards by fishing, they can also earn passive income by buying NFT parcels from the Aqua World’s ocean and staking them. There is also a scholar program available for the players to rent their NFT Arees and split the rewards with the scholars who don’t want to make an initial investment of hatching or buying an NFT Arees.

Token Information

AES or Aree Shards tokens is the main token of Aqua Farm. It can be bought on crypto exchanges, earned by staking lands or NFTs, or can be acquired from PvP. They are mainly used in DAO governance, buying NFT Arees, and upgrading them. PODO or Power Of Deep Ocean is Aqua Farm’s secondary token. It aims to be used for the ‘play-to-earn’ reward system. It can be earned from PvE and can be used to upgrade Arees in a limited manner, build resource-bringing facilities in the Oasis, and purchase in-game items. It can also be staked to earn passive income.


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