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Arcus is a blockchain first-person shooting mobile action game that introduces a combat experience centered around bow and arrow warfare. It combines real-time arena-based player versus player (PvP) battles with team-based gameplay. Arcus allows its players to earn different rewards with its various game modes, like PvP, adventure, and treasure hunt modes.


Arcus offers a range of game modes that cater to both individual and team-oriented players. It has a world with different maps, each offering its own advantages and challenges. These maps include Abyssmal, Ether Port, Desert, Warehouse, and Death Gorge. These modes present avenues for players to earn rewards and invest in tokenized assets.

In Player vs. Player Mode, players engage in intense one-on-one battles against each other. The combat is fast-paced and skill-based, it is for players who love a challenge. Adventure mode offers players a narrative experience as they progress through various levels, each increasing in difficulty. While there are no quests in this mode, players follow a story and can acquire gems to enhance their NFTs, gaining a strategic advantage against formidable enemies. Completing each stage or village yields rewards.

For casual gamers and treasure seekers, Arcus has the Treasure Hunt game mode. Players engage in a free-for-all battle within the Arcus world, exploring designated areas and hunting for treasure coins hidden within destructible crates. Players can even steal a portion of their opponent's earnings by eliminating them during the hunt.

Players can enhance their weapons or characters by embedding gems. These gems grant permanent, randomized stat boosts, the strength of which is determined by the rarity of the NFTs involved. Two types of gems, Warrior Gems and Weapon Gems, offer players the flexibility to tailor their playstyle and maximize their effectiveness in battles.

Arcus uses Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to introduce unique in-game assets, including warriors, weapons, and ethers. NFTs create scarcity and exclusivity around these assets, adding value to the gaming experience. NFTs serve as the core of the game's ecosystem.

NFT Rarity plays a vital role in Arcus, quantifying the uniqueness of an NFT's traits compared to others within the same collection. These traits can range from common features to one-of-a-kind attributes, all contributing to the individuality and value of the NFT. Arcus offers a wide range of rarity levels, including Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, ensuring that NFTs remain diverse and exciting for collectors.

Token Information

ARCUS tokens serve as the in-game currency and are used for various activities and transactions within the game. Players can earn ARCUS tokens through multiple channels. They can engage in battles, progress through levels, and complete daily tasks to earn tokens.

Arcus also pioneers esports finance, allowing the community to create, host, and organize tournament events on the platform.


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