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Arena of Faith

Arena of Faith

Arena of Faith Labs
Strategy, RPG
Not available


Arena of Faith is a blockchain MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) strategy web3 game where players can indulge in 5v5 battles with their NFTs and earn AOF tokens. The game offers an on-chain esports experience and cross-platform competition with win-to-earn (W2E) and AI training elements. The game is accessible on various platforms, including PC, Android, and iOS.


Arena of Faith revolves around team-based battles where strategy and skill are key. Players can partake in various game modes, including Arena Room, Battle Ring, Cup Match, and Tournaments.

Players can quickly dive into the action with the Quick Join feature, instantly matching them with other players for fast-paced battles. For those looking to strategize with a team, the Battle Ring mode allows players to create custom rooms, inviting friends or other players to join. In this mode, team coordination and strategy become key as players work together to outsmart and overpower the opposing team.

Cup Matches and Tournaments provide a platform for teams to compete in a structured environment, following specific rules and formats. Players must register their teams to participate, with the potential of facing off against some of the best players in the community. These high-stakes matches offer not only glory but also rewards for the victors.

At the core of Arena of Faith’s gameplay are the heroes that players choose to take into battle. Each hero boasts unique abilities and playstyles, allowing players to find a character that suits their preferred strategy. As players progress through the game, they can unlock new heroes and customize their abilities.

The game features NFT skins that provide not just aesthetic changes but also attribute bonuses, giving players a tangible advantage in battles. Players can showcase their achievements and investments in the game through these unique skins, adding an extra layer of depth to the customization options available.

Players looking to hone their skills can engage in AI matches, allowing them to practice their strategies and get familiar with different heroes. The AI provides a challenging yet forgiving environment, suited for players wanting to improve their gameplay.

Arena of Faith has a worldwide interconnected server and cross-platform competition. Players can join forces with friends or other players, regardless of their platform, and compete together in matches. The game’s focus on win-to-earn (W2E) ensures that players are rewarded for their skills and efforts.

Token Information

Arena of Faith introduces the AOF token, which plays a central role in the game’s economy. During the Open Beta period, players can earn AOF tokens through diamond redemption and use them for synthesizing skin NFTs, adding a layer of utility and value to the gameplay. The token is issued on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.


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