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Legendary Foundry Games (LFG)
Action, RPG
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Ascenders is a blockchain-based ARPG on the Avalanche Subnet with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, AGC and GG. In this story-driven open world with a fully player-driven crypto economy, players can earn cryptocurrency rewards.


Ascenders is a 3rd-person, open-world action role-playing game (ARPG) with fast-paced, strategic combat that combines a story-driven open world with a fully decentralized, player-driven crypto economy.

In Ascenders, players can explore and fight creatures on the alien world of Ascension through the main game mode. This mode has a 5-minute time limit and allows players to enjoy collecting, farming, and steady progress. The more items a player collects, the higher their ranking, and they may receive a bonus in the future. In addition to the main game mode, there are also events (side quests) available for players to participate in. One example is the Racing Robot, where the player takes on the role of a creature with the ability to roll quickly, and their goal is to roll through as many energy rings as possible in the three minutes given. The player with the most rings at the end of the event will have the highest ranking. These events offer players a chance to participate in different types of gameplay and compete for rewards and rankings on leaderboards.

One of the key features of Ascenders is its player-driven economy model, which is divided into three main lanes: Explorer, Fighter, and Builder. Each lane is made for a different type of player and has its own ways to play, resources, rewards, and strategies to learn.

Explorers enjoy collecting, farming, and steady progress. They harvest resources from the overworld, collect rewards for finishing the story campaign and quests, and engage with the frequent event content. The resources they collect can only be found in the overworld.

Fighters, on the other hand, are more competitive players who obsess over the perfect gear builds, chase leaderboards, and attack challenging dungeons in search of rare resources. The resources they win can only be found in dungeons and tournaments.

Lastly, builders play the metagame, playing a long strategy. They own NFT land, read the markets, and choose which buildings to invest in based on their own cost and efficiency calculations. Their decisions affect the macroeconomy and shape the world itself.

No one lane contains all the resources required for crafting; each lane relies on the others for part of what it needs. To make their NFTs and improve their lands, players in each lane will need to trade with players in other lanes. This reliance on each other creates a sustainable, dynamic economy that grows over time.

All items in the game are created by players at player-managed smitheries and on player-owned land. In-game guilds grant membership via their own guild tokens. Players don’t buy resources from a game developer; instead, they trade for them at a global marketplace. The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is responsible for actively balancing the economy. There are no clear and hard regulations concerning the lanes, and players can opt to be flexible and participate in multiple lanes. Players drive the economy in Ascenders as they craft all NFT gear and weapons, build cities on NFT lands, and band together to create powerful guilds. There are a variety of "play and earn" roles that a player can specialize in, each with its own resources, challenges, and economic loops. Player decisions can make permanent changes to the world itself.

Token Information

In Ascenders, there are two main types of currencies: AGC and GG. AGC is the governance token for the game, and it is used for a variety of purposes. First, the greater the stakeholder's number of tokens, the greater their vote weight. Additionally, holding AGC provides other benefits such as increased AGC staking APY. Another use for AGC is for staking for token rewards and exclusive drops, such as Ascenders NFT lands and heroes. AGC is also used for founding and upgrading player guilds, purchasing cosmetic items, and purchasing a season pass style in-game rewards, including tokens and rare NFTs. Additionally, AGC is used as a gas token to cover transaction fees on the Avalanche Subnet. GG is the primary in-game currency and is required for most on-chain transactions. It is used for crafting and upgrading NFTs, as well as trading those NFTs on the marketplace. It is also used for purchasing services at landowner buildings, such as crafting gear or refining resources. Unlike most ARPGs, players can not infinitely farm GG by killing monsters, it is earned from quests, and trading.

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