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AstarFarm is a play-to-earn farming simulation game that features NFT vegetables and offers farming of ASTR tokens. Users can stake ASTR on AstarFarm to sow fields and grow crops that can be harvested and sold for ASTR. In addition to the normal staking reward, the developers are returning the dAppstaking rewards on the development side to the user. The game is accessible on the dAppstaking platform of the Astar network.


AstarFarm allows players to start farming ASTR tokens. The player should select an unoccupied plot from the farm page and stake their ASTR tokens. The more tokens the player stakes, the more seeds they'll be able to sow. Additionally, the longer they lock up their tokens, the higher their annual percentage yield (APY) will be. The growth of their crops is determined by the length of the lock period they select. Each lock period corresponds to a specific type of crop, with three options to choose from. The player can only harvest one type of crop per plot, and the yield for each species is randomly generated between one and five. Unfortunately, there's a chance that insects may devour the entire harvest. Once the crops are ready, the player can harvest them and check how many they've collected. They can then move them to the warehouse for storage, where they have the option to stake their ASTR again and begin a new cycle of planting and harvesting, or to withdraw their tokens. When ready, the player can sell their harvested crops on the market for a price that varies depending on the type of crop.

Each person can stake 2000 ASTR, and for every 500 ASTR, they get one seed. If a player stakes 2000 ASTR, they get 4 seeds. A player can plant four seeds on the same plot of land or on each of the four plots. They can also plant more than one seed per plot. The minimum lock time a player can choose is 21 days. After 3/1 lock time, the plants will grow to phase 2, where they can identify the species. In the case of 21 days of lock time, on the eighth day, it will grow into a carrot, potato, or tomato. 

However, the crops may be eaten by insects as they grow, and eaten crops cannot be harvested, which means no ASTR returns. The eaten crops can only be planted again or unstaked after the lock time is over. If the crop is not eaten by insects, it can be harvested and sold to get ASTR. The number of crops is random, with results ranging from 1 to 5 (odds are equal). Different crops are sold at different prices, and players will end up with the crop unit price multiplied by the number of crops harvested.

More types of crops and longer lockup periods (63/189 days) will be added, as well as upgradable contracts, continuous staking for more than one round without ten days of unbonding time, a new progress bar, and farm music are among the planned updates.

Token Information

Users can stake ASTR on AstarFarm to sow fields and grow crops. Growing crops can be harvested and sold for ASTR. Apart from the regular staking rewards, the developers have found a way to boost dividends by refunding the dApp staking rewards back to the users on the development side. This strategy helps incentivize users to actively participate in the development of the dApp by staking their tokens. By doing so, they not only earn regular staking rewards but also benefit from a share of the development rewards. In essence, this system promotes a collaborative approach between the developers and users, leading to a mutually beneficial outcome.


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Astar Network IEO ( Startup)16 Jan — 17 Jan 2022 $ 0.25 $ 200,000.00 800,000100% unlock7,974,586,101
STRATEGIC- $ 0.02 $10,200,000.00 508,000,00010.0% tge, 12.9% monthly7,974,586,101
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