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Astra Nova

Astra Nova

In Development
Astra Nova Team
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Astra Nova is a play-and-earn RPG that utilizes the Polygon network with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, GTKN, RVV. In Astra Nova, players will explore an alternative world through a dynamic storyline, quests, and multiplayer group missions while earning virtual rewards.


In Astra Nova, players will begin their journey on a hidden world under threat from a hivemind entity called The Accretion. With their character, they will start a mission for survival. Taming this new land and calling it home is the player’s first mission in the story. The initial Astra Nova game storyline will be playable as a single-player game. Over time, players will unlock additional game modes by playing the core campaign, including multiplayer group missions. Missions include the main campaign story, diplomatic sidequests, origin planet sidequests, mini-boss multiplayer raids, and class specialization missions. At later stages, players will unlock building, PvP, and new campaign quests that will arrive with updates.

Players will begin with the ability to assign points to their new character across seven core attributes: Strength, Endurance, Agility, Intelligence, Karma, and Persuasion. Character creation choices include race & starting primary Class. Race selection will assign additional attribute bonuses and unlock an origin planet story & quest line. Character class will determine players’ initial style of gameplay. Over time, they will unlock new classes, and the ability to specialize or add a secondary class to their character builds. Players will also pick up skills that will help them with the roleplay, such as diplomacy for interactions with NPCs or crafting skills to create equipment and buildings.

Among the ten character races based on the five origins worlds are apelike PanGuenters, robotic Mecchoids, cyborg MecGuenters, elven Elari, humanoid Fielduins, skeletal Ossodrim, faerie Minaki, elemental Hora, troll-like Onark, devil Insidiaens, vampiric Saängwyr, zombie Reviands, angelic Coruscoros, ghoulish Bodachim & alien Tingavans. In addition to Race-specific stat boosts, players can select a unique class with perks tied to a particular Race.

Astra Nova will feature NFTs such as Deviants, which are NFT talismans from the game’s lore that will provide players with different boosts and bonuses. Astra Nova also features NFT lands named "Orion’s Realm" as land parcels. Players can construct structures on these that can provide them with passive income, such as buildings for competitions and tournaments. There is also another NFT series named Sentinels; they will act as governance tokens and provide the players with privileges. NFTs can also be staked for passive income in the Astra Nova ecosystem.

Token Information

GTKN is the game’s governance token. GTKN can be used for voting in the DAO and received as rewards on the completion of missions. Top token holders can be part of the ruling council over the Astra Nova, and players can get exclusive refills and upgrades within the game while holding these tokens.

RVV, or Revive Token, is the primary utility token. It is used for all in-game transactions, the NFT Marketplace, upgrade interactions, participation in events and tournaments, the purchase, lease, or rent of land NFTs, and council fees such as advertising in Astra Nova.


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