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Axes Metaverse

Axes Metaverse

Azur Games
Metaverse, Action
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Axes Metaverse is a blockchain-based play-to-earn, F2P metaverse gaming platform that utilizes the BSC network with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, AMS. Axes Metaverse has multiple game modes, such as battle royale, where players can play and earn virtual prizes.


The Axes metaverse is centered around Axes Hunters, playable NFT characters that can be used throughout all the game modes while retaining their skills. New players can start playing for free with free Axes Hunters and work their way up to purchasing more powerful NFT characters by playing and earning valuable NFT items and trading them on the game’s marketplace. They can also begin playing by purchasing an NFT and jumping right into the game.

By directly controlling one of their heroes, players can participate in large-scale royal battles to exterminate monsters in the campaign mode. Axes Metaverse currently has Axes Battleground as its main game mode. Axes Battleground is a mix of battle royale and heroes that use RPG mechanics. Axes Hunters have different races and classes that can be built upon. There are 7 races in the Axes Metaverse, which will be introduced wave by wave based on the story. Players currently have access to heroes of 3 races: humans, elves, and treants, and each hero represents one of the 5 classes: knight, barbarian, rogue, ranger, and mage. Both the class and race of the characters determine the bonuses they receive in each of the modes. All of these races have different perk systems, such as humans having special perks such as willpower, which allows them to survive a hit that might otherwise kill them, or, in the case of elves, agility and dodge, which enable them to move faster and dodge attacks. 

In addition to these traits, heroes can pick up different items and develop their abilities on the fly in a battle royale match. As they gain more experience and get equipped with better items, they become more powerful and can use different tactics depending on their build to win. After the game, these abilities reset, and some items can be brought into the player’s inventory after the match. Their heroes gain experience and level up in rarity. In Axes Metaverse, the game is divided into seasons that last approximately two weeks each. Every season, players compete with each other in ranked matches for points. Players who have the most points by the end of the season take the top spot on the leaderboard and receive a relevant reward in AMS.

Some NFTs in the game are chests that contain hero sets and various consumables, such as potions, which the player receives for participating in battles and later uses to restore the energy of the heroes. These potions can be withdrawn from the game to crypto wallets in the form of an NFT token using the inventory. After claiming the NFT potions, players can sell them on the marketplace to other players that want a quick restore to their energy. They can earn tokens with this method and purchase an NFT character by solely playing the game. NFT characters get the most out of the game by earning token prizes for ranked matches; NFT heroes can be sent to dungeons for mining tokens, can be lent to other players, and can be staked for generating passive income.

Token Information

AMS tokens, or Axes Metaverse Shards are the main cryptocurrency of the project. It is used for every kind of transaction in-game, including NFT purchases in the marketplace, and can be traded on secondary markets or crypto exchanges.


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