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Battle World

Battle World

Battle World


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Battle World is a play-to-earn, battle royale NFT game that utilizes the Polygon blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, BWO. In Battle World, players are dropped into maps modeled after famous global locations and towns, where they have to loot and fight against others to be the last one standing while earning and monetizing their rewards.


Players can start playing in a free-to-play model with free heroes that can play a certain number of games until they run out of energy. In order to take full advantage of the game’s play-to-earn mechanics, players will need to acquire NFT heroes.

The game begins in traditional battle royale form, with the player being deployed in a chosen zone. The spawn spots in each zone are predetermined; the game begins after a 5-second countdown when the lobby capacity is reached. The players will begin with a handgun in their primary weapon slot that has infinite ammunition capacity. There will be many ways for heroes to join the game lobby and start earning, they can build teams and win matches. Once the battle ends, the winners will receive a split of the game winnings in Battle World tokens BWO 

Players will be able to scavenge for various weapons all across the map, fight and combat other players, and continually relocate to the ever-changing safe area. The last player standing wins the game; however, the player may win the game without even obtaining a single kill by just making it to the safe zone on time and surviving the storm.

There are three game modes in Battle World: the casual Team Deathmatch, the higher-rewarding Meta Tournaments, and a Private Lobby with custom game rules to play with friends. Players can loot among a variety of weapons and equipment on the game map, from shields and armor to sniper rifles and flamethrowers.

As in all battle royales, players will be alerted of the approaching storm and directed to the safe zone. Safe zones are circular safe zones that spawn randomly in different spots on the map at fixed intervals, forcing players to migrate to the safe zones or risk being harmed or killed by the storm. Each game contains four safe zones and five closing storms. The fifth and final storm will close in and engulf the whole map, harming all of the players within, and the last person standing will win. The algorithm always chooses the safe zones at random in order to keep the main gameplay dynamic and ever-changing; players must adapt and survive the new safe zone in order to live.

The game’s NFTs come in the form of Elite NFT heroes that can net players higher BWO rewards. There are also NFTs in the form of cosmetics and emotes that players can use. These NFT heroes will also be rentable. Players can hire the weapon creation factory to upgrade their NFTs and lease them to other players for passive income. Players can design NFT heroes and weapons and sell them on the NFT marketplace, and they can buy battle passes to receive premium items, premium quests, and missions to receive more rewards.

Token Information

Battle World has a single token, BWO. BWO can be easily earned from just playing the game and can be spent to upgrade heroes and weapons, purchase NFTs from the marketplace, access special tournaments with higher rewards, or buy battle passes. It can be used to buy special Gacha boxes with random and rarer rewards and be staked to generate passive income or even design special NFT heroes with different attributes.

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