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Beast Garden

Beast Garden

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Beast Garden is a blockchain-based, adventure battler game that utilizes the WAX network with its NFT assets and in-game tokens, BGFOCUS, BGALPHA, and BGWATER. The game revolves around upgrading NFT beasts and collecting loot by participating in battles.


Beasts are the most important NFT assets in the game. Players manage beasts and make strategic decisions to progress in the game by using them. Besides in-game progress, beasts also let players earn in-game rewards. As long as players keep their beasts in their wallets, they can earn BSFOCUS or use their creatures in PvE and PvP battles to earn BGALPHA.

Each beast has a defender element and an ability element in the game. Defensive elements indicate which elements the beasts have an advantage over. Likewise, ability elements determine the types of elements that beasts use when attacking. Beasts can have defense and ability elements such as fire, water, nature, magic, air, earth, and electricity. There are also different rarity levels as all beasts are NFT assets. Players can have beasts with common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary rarity levels, and the strongest beasts are those with legendary rarity levels. Also, the rarity level indicates how many times a beast can be evolved. Legendary and epic beasts can be evolved two times, while uncommon and rare creatures can only be evolved once. Overall, evolved NFT beasts generate more BFFOCUS for players.

Beast Garden also offers two more NFT categories to its players, plants and springs. Springs are the main way to generate BGWATER in the game by staking. Springs, which have the same rarity levels as beasts, produce more BGWATER tokens as their rarity level increase. On the other hand, plants can be used to produce fruit for players. With fruits, players can improve their beasts to make them stronger and more profitable. Plants also share the same rarity levels with beasts and springs. 

Token Information

Beast Garden uses three different cryptocurrencies, BGFOCUS, BGALPHA, and BGWATER, for different purposes. BGWATER tokens can only be used to water plants and can be earned by holding plants in the wallet. Plants will automatically generate BGWATER for players. BGFOCUS tokens are the entrance fee tokens of the game. With this token, players can participate in battles. Holding beasts in the wallet and feeding beasts with fruits are the ways to generate BGFOCUS. Lastly, the BGALPHA can be used for crafting new in-game NFTs, buying NFTs from the marketplace, resetting cooldowns, rerolling opponents, and evolving beasts. Players can earn BGALPHA by participating in and winning battles.


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