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Icetea Labs
Sports, Simulation
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beFITTER is a blockchain-based, fitness game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, FIU and HEE. The game focuses on move-to-earn elements, and lets players earn cryptocurrencies while doing sportive activities such as walking, running, swimming, and cycling.


To start earning cryptocurrencies, each player needs an NFT shoe. Every NFT shoe in the game has four main attributes that affect the rate of earning of tokens; energy, durability, support, and luck. Energy determines how much a shoe can be used daily. When a shoe runs out of energy, it cannot generate tokens. Players may have to wait a day or couple of hours for energy to renew itself and start earning tokens again. Players need to repair their shoes to generate tokens since they can be damaged when used. Shoes with higher durability take less damage; therefore, players pay fewer tokens to repair their shoes. Support is the feature that increases the efficiency of a shoe in terms of token generating. Shoes with higher support attributes generate more tokens for players. Lastly, the luck attribute increases the chance of encountering a mystery box while doing sportive activities. Players can acquire new NFT shoes by opening these mystery boxes.

Players who don’t want to pay the full price for an NFT shoe can rent shoes from the in-game marketplace and still earn tokens by doing move-to-earn activities. There are two different rental models for players to choose from; fixed-rent and share profit. In the fixed-rent model, the owners can list their NFTs with their terms and conditions, including rental duration, listing price, etc. If the renter agrees to the owner’s terms and conditions, they can fully access the NFT and start using it as their own NFT for the contract duration. In the share profit model, the owners take a percentage from the token earnings of their rented NFTs. The renter uses the shoe for a duration of time and shares their profit with the NFT owner. The owners of the NFT determine the percentage of profit to be taken from the renter when they list their NFTs.

The game offers activities such as walking, running, cycling, and swimming, and players can choose whichever suit them best. However, aside from the attributes of an NFT shoe, the token generation rate is also affected by the activity. For example, running and cycling generate more tokens since they are more challenging than walking. Players can do these activities on their own, or they can challenge their friends to increase their earnings. beFITTER also offers NFT pets; players can equip these NFT pets and increase their token earning rate.

Token Information

beFITTER uses two different cryptocurrencies, FIU and HEE. The health token, HEE, can be earned from solo move-to-earn activities such as walking, running, cycling, and swimming. Players can use the HEE token for minting, renting, or repairing NFTs. The social token, FIU, can be earned from activities involving social interaction such as challenges and tournaments, staking, and doing activities with NFT pets. The FIU token can be used for minting NFT assets, and in the future, for governance purposes.


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IDO (Red Kite)15-15 Jul 2022$0.015 $250,000.00 16,666,66612% at TGE, 90 days cliff then 4% monthly100,000,000Market cap: $540,000$1,500,000.00 
IDO (GameFi)15-15 Jul 2022$0.015 $265,000.00 17,666,66612% at TGE, 90 days cliff then 4% monthly
Circulating Supply: 36,000,000
IDO (DAO Maker)6-11 Jul 2022$0.015 $250,000.00 16,666,66612% at TGE, 90 days cliff then 4% monthly

IDO (DAO Maker)6-10 Jul 2022$0.015 $350,000.00 23,333,33312% at TGE, 90 days cliff then 4% monthly


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