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Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas

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Benji Bananas is a blockchain-based mobile, adventure runner game that utilizes the Ethereum network with its NFT Membership Pass and the cryptocurrency BENJI. In the game, players control a monkey and swing from vine to vine while collecting bananas. 


The entire gameplay revolves around collecting fruits to score the best point possible. Since it’s a runner game, the levels don't end after traveling a certain distance; players can go as far as they can. Level progression is linear, players who travel certain distance reach levels with different graphic designs as they progress, and the rate of gaining bananas of these levels may also vary.

Benji Bananas Adventures

In the game, missions are automatically given to the players. These missions could be "swing that much, pick up that many bananas travel that many meters." etc. When these missions are completed, players earn additional bananas. Each completed mission unlocks the next mission, and the new mission is more difficult than the previous one.

Benji Monkey

Since the game is linear, if the player's monkey falls to the ground and dies, the game starts from the beginning. However, the longest distance covered so far is not lost, the player can see his/her best score on various signs during the game.

Players can buy cosmetic items and power-ups with their bananas. Especially power-ups can drastically increase the performance of players. Players can buy power-ups such as “Head Start,” a power-up that lets players travel hundreds of meters from the beginning of the game. While power-ups increase the players' performance, cosmetic items are purely for appearance purposes, they do not contribute positively or negatively to the gameplay.

Token Information

Benji Bananas uses BENJI, they have to purchase the Membership Pass NFT to start earning BENJI tokens. Without the Membership Pass NFT, players can not earn any in-game rewards aside from bananas. 

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