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Action, Adventure, RPG, Card, Metaverse
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Bitverse is a play & own blockchain metaverse where players can own NFT assets and earn BPXL tokens while participating in different game modes on Immutable-X. The platform offers games such as Bit Heroes RPG, Arena, CCG, and Runner. It is available on browsers.


Bitverse’s Bit Heroes RPG allows players to explore and battle through different dungeons. These dungeons feature loot, enemy monsters, and bosses. The combat is turn-based, and players can capture heroes and monsters to fight on their side. Bit Heroes feature a campaign, raids, PvP combat, and guilds. There are also play-to-earn tournaments that are held regularly.

Bit Heroes Arena is a top-down battle royale mode where players compete against each other. Forty players drop in a map and loot equipment while gaining experience to be the last man standing. There is also an option to team up with other players to fight against other squads.

Bit Heroes Runner is a procedurally generated endless dungeon where players can collect treasure to upgrade their gear and earn points to rank highly on the leaderboards. Players can choose to either defeat or dodge the opponents in order to reach the loot. This endless dungeon features secret levels that contain valuable loot.

Bit Heroes CCG is a card collectible mode where players can create decks and participate in different game modes. These game modes include a ladder mode where players try to gain ranks and climb the leaderboard, an arena, and a brawl mode.

Players can enter these game modes with their NFT Bit Heroes that act as customizable and upgradeable avatars. Bit Heroes have unique attributes such as hairstyles, eye colors, and rarities. Rarities range from common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. They determine which perks and bonuses a Bit Hero will have. Players are able to earn and equip gear such as weapons, helms, body armor, rings, and accessories. Bit Heroes can also equip mounts and have pets that help them in combat and exploration.

Token Information

BPXL tokens can be earned from daily missions, in-game events, bets, and drops in various game modes. They can also be staked for further profits. They are used to acquire NFT assets such as avatars, gear, mounts, and pets from the marketplace. BPXL also acts as a governance token.


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