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Blockchain Brawlers

Blockchain Brawlers

Tyranno Studios


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Blockchain Brawlers is a play-to-earn, battler strategy where players can own NFT brawlers and earn BRWL tokens on the WAX blockchain network. Players can equip their brawlers with different gear and use them to compete against other players. The game is available to play on browsers and can be accessed from both mobile and PC platforms; users can access the game by connecting their WAX Cloud Wallets to the game’s website.


To start the game, players can own an NFT brawler and an NFT ring in Blockchain Brawlers. The amount of brawlers equipped is dependent on the rarity of the ring. Legendary rings can hold up to eight brawlers, allowing players to simultaneously enter eight different matches. Brawlers are categorized into different rarities such as common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. The reward at the end of a match is calculated based on the rarity of a brawler that the players use. There are also gold versions of NFTs which are more valuable and collectible, they can be earned from matches as a random rare loot drop.

Brawlers can be equipped with different gears like steel chairs and brass knuckles that can be used to further damage the opponent and earn more bonuses. NFTs that are not brawlers have finite durability that decreases each time they are used. The NFT will be removed from the game when their durability reaches zero. 

Players can craft their brawlers and participate in matches; brawlers of all kinds can be crafted except legendary ones. Brawlers can participate in twenty-four matches in a day, they need to recover after each match before going back in the ring. This takes sixty minutes to fully recharge. Brawlers lose health with each match, BRWL and in-game gold can be used to heal brawlers. They can also be used to craft enhanced rings and more gear. 

Token Information

BRWL tokens are used to craft gear and brawlers and heal brawlers. It is earned through brawling, the amount earned can be increased by equipping better and rarer brawlers and gear. It can be traded, gifted, or swapped for other tokens on different decentralized exchanges.


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