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Blocklete Golf

Blocklete Golf

Blocklete Games
Simulation, Sports
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Blocklete Golf is a play-to-earn blockchain golfing game where players can play as NFT characters while earning FUSD coins on the Flow network. Players can own different characters and utilize them to fit their needs on different golf courses. The game is playable on both PC and mobile platforms.


Blocklete Golf features different tiers for player-owned golfers. Novice golfers have the lowest attribute levels, and they are the most common. They are the most affordable and entry-level NFT golfers. Pro golfers are the next step up from the novices. They can access higher-level challenges and have better attributes than novice golfers. They are moderately priced and can be competitive enough to participate in tournaments. Elite golfers are more expensive and less common than pro golfers, and they offer better chances for success in various events and challenges. Legends are the most expensive and rarest NFTs, this collection has a finite amount of golfers. They are the most advanced and have the best attributes out of all tiers.

Besides collecting, trading, and owning different golfers, players can participate in daily missions and competitive matches. Daily missions consist of golfing events that reward medals and points. Medals can be used to level up attributes of a golfer, and points are available to use to buy gear from the in-game shop. Gear can range from clubs, apparel, and accessories. Not all gear gives bonuses to gameplay, some are purely cosmetic. Winning competitive matches rewards cash prizes depending on the skillful gameplay and higher-tiered golfers.

The Pro shop is another aspect of the game that can be accessed by owning a Pro Shop NFT. Players can operate a gear shop and recruit golfers as team members. As the team members play the game, the shop owner will accumulate points to mint new golf gear to sell. Team members and the shop owner shares the revenues that are gained by the sales.

Token Information

FUSD is used to buy NFT golfers and gear from the marketplace. It is rewarded for winning competitive matches. FUSD is the stable coin of the Flow blockchain network, and its value is equal to that of the FIAT currency.


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