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MMO, RPG, Metaverse
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Bloomverse is a play-to-earn blockchain metaverse game where players can own NFT characters and items and earn BLOOM tokens on the Solana network. The game features virtual lobbies, malls, and arenas where players can partake in different events and socialize. The game is available on browsers and mobile platforms.


In Bloomverse, players can choose from four different types of avatars that all have various unique attributes. Strength avatars have higher hit points, intelligence avatars have increased evasion, engineering avatars have better auras, and agility avatars have greater damage numbers. After selecting a base avatar, each player spawns in their personal locker room. Players can customize these rooms with elements such as wall decorations and furniture. They can also hang out and spend time watching television or using the computer. The general gameplay loop consists of completing daily quests and activities that are within a level. Each level has three mini-games that all use stamina to participate in. Completing these successfully rewards NFT items and tokens.

Players can enter the workshop to create and upgrade NFT items. This can be done by using two NFTs to craft a new one. Each NFT item can be used for crafting five times, and they will lose one crafting point with every attempt at the crafting process, which requires tokens to activate. If the two NFT items are of the same quality or category, the resulting item will be the higher tier of one of the items. If two totally different items are used, the new item will be a brand new one that uses the sum of their attributes.

The game allows players to access a metaverse that features a virtual NFT mall through their personal computers, VR headsets, and mobile devices. Retailers and brands can showcase their NFT products in different stores. These brands can host parties, conferences, gatherings, and private events for players to participate in and socialize. These events require invites or tokens by guests in order to view exclusive products such as sneakers or designer clothes. Players can use these NFT items to customize their avatars.

Besides a virtual mall that has different brands, Bloomverse has various in-game activities. Players are able to bet on sports events, e-sports tournaments, and the Bloomverse battle arena. A percent of the bets are burned, and the losing teams' bets are distributed among the players who bet on the winning team. If a player doesn’t want to use their in-game tokens on bets, they can spend their tokens on avatars and cosmetic items, on content creators to subscribe to special content, for staking, and on the Celebrity Hall. The Celebrity Hall is a VIP lounge where players can access limited items with the best benefits and prices.

Token Information

The game features two main tokens: Blooms and Bloomies. Blooms act as governance tokens and have a finite supply, while Bloomies are the in-game tokens that can be earned through successful participation and have an unlimited supply. These tokens can be staked for further profits.


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