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Boss Fighters

Boss Fighters

Pixward Games
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Boss Fighters is a free-to-play blockchain action game that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, BFT. It is an action-packed, asymmetric multiplayer game set in a futuristic arena. Players can choose to become a powerful VR Boss or join a team of PC Fighters to engage in intense battles and earn valuable loot, ranks, and crowd amusement. The game offers a unique gameplay experience, allowing both VR and PC players to participate in the action.


In Boss Fighters, battles take place in a gladiator-esque arena where a human-controlled boss monster faces off against a team of four human-controlled enemies. The boss player utilizes a VR device, such as the Oculus Rift, to immerse themselves in the action. The arena features a sandbox physics-based environment with destructible elements, providing a dynamic and ever-changing battlefield. The PC players, on the other hand, play from a third-person perspective and must employ strategy, teamwork, and individual skills to defeat the powerful boss.

As the boss, players can unleash their destructive powers, catching and throwing fighters, using objects as weapons, destroying buildings, and employing various deadly boss weapons. PC players must scavenge for supplies and ammunition to recharge their weapons and abilities, using teamwork and personal skills to take down the formidable boss.

Boss Fighters supports multiplatform access, allowing players to enjoy the game on platforms such as Steam, EGS, Mobile, and Meta Quest. This feature enables players to connect and play with their friends regardless of the platform they choose.

The game adopts a free-to-play model, allowing players to dive into the game without any upfront cost. As they progress, they can earn rewards in the form of digital collectibles by discovering new skins, weapons, and items to enrich their gameplay experience.

The game also caters to the competitive gaming scene with e-sports tournaments and a dedicated gaming show. Players can participate in tournaments, showcasing their skills and competing against other players from around the world. Additionally, they can watch the gaming show, where they can witness thrilling battles and incredible gameplay moments.

Boss Fighters provides support for creators by offering streaming rewards and integration with the Twitch API. Creators can engage with their community by streaming their gameplay and receiving support from the Boss Fighters community.

The VR gameplay in BossFighters offers significant rewards as it cannot be replicated by AI, and it encourages players to invest in VR devices. The game transparently tracks VR players' interactions with the environment via the blockchain, providing an immersive and fitness-oriented experience.

Players earn experience points (XP) by participating in battles, upgrading their equipment, and completing daily and weekly quests. VR boss progression differs from that of the fighters. Battles also yield gear and cosmetic items as rewards. Some gear items and upgrades require a specific player XP level to access.

Players can mint certain rewards as digital assets, listing them on the in-game marketplace for trade with BFT tokens. They can also earn higher rewards by participating in tournaments and special events. Additionally, a watch-to-earn mechanic incentivizes players to engage with the game.

While not all game items are NFTs, BossFighters features special avatars called Rowdies, available in limited numbers as NFTs. These NFTs offer unique traits and rare cosmetics, with the potential for upgrades and trade within the in-game marketplace.

Token Information

BFT serves as the primary on-chain currency in BossFighters. Players can use it to earn passive in-game income, stake it to earn more BFT, and access various in-game features such as team creation, tournament participation, unique customization options, and reduced marketplace entry fees. NFT owners can also lend their NFTs after spending BFT to acquire the Premium Game Pass, monetizing their assets.


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