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Boss Fighters

Boss Fighters

In Development
Pixward Games
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Boss Fighters is a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn action game that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, BFT. BF (Boss Fighters) is a multiplayer action game in which a VR player takes on the role of the powerful boss monster, while PC players battle it in a virtual arena for rewards and loot.


The game has both F2P and P2E options, to begin with. Almost all items can be obtained through gameplay activities or purchased with in-game currency. Players who want to take advantage of the benefits of play-to-earn mechanics, need to make investments to compete for large prize pools.

Boss Fighters takes place in a gladiator-esque arena where battles are pitted between a human-controlled boss monster and its weaker team of 4 human-controlled enemies that need strategy and cunning to bring it down. One player takes up the role of a boss monster through a VR device such as Oculus Rift in a sandbox physics-based arena where the environment is highly destructible and the battlefield is in a constant state of change. Its opponents need to use their cunning strategy in order to damage and destroy it all the while trying to stay alive in an arena that is constantly running out of cover.

The player who controls the Boss can obliterate its rivals and wreak havoc. They can catch and throw Fighters, break large objects, use them as blunt weapons; destroy buildings as well as roast enemies with various deadly boss' weapons. On the other hand, the PC players play in a 3rd person's POV. They look for supplies and ammunition to recharge weapons and abilities. Fighters are armed with all kinds of heavy weapons, explosives, and gadgets and have to cooperate, and use team play and personal skills to defeat powerful Boss. 

VR gameplay action heavily rewards the participants as it cannot be replaced by an AI and the requirement of initial investment of purchasing a VR device as a form of reward for the VR player base’s retention. This is done so by transparently tracking the VR player via blockchain since players have to interact with the environment with the headset and controllers using full-body motions, this also serves as somewhat of a fitness app.

Players gain XP by fighting battles and upgrading their equipment. The progression of VR Bosses is distinct from that of Fighters. Fighting battles, upgrading gear, and completing daily and weekly quests all grant experience points. And participating in battles earns players gear and cosmetic items. Some gear items and gear upgrades require a certain level of player XP to access.

Some rewards can be minted as digital assets and listed on the in-game marketplace to be traded for BFT tokens. They can also earn higher rewards through participation in tournaments and special events, and there will be a watch-to-earn mechanic to incentivize players.

Not all game items are NFT in BF, but there are special avatars called Rowdies in limited numbers with different features and rare cosmetics that are available in NFT form. These have 15 traits generated with more than 120 crafted items. Some items can be upgraded and minted to have trade potential in the game’s marketplace such as gear, cosmetics, and weapons.

Token Information

BFT is the main on-chain currency of the Boss Fighters. It can be used to gain passive in-game income or staked to earn more BFT. It can also be used for various in-game features such as creating and managing teams, joining tournaments, unique customization, and reduced marketplace entry fees. NFT owners can also lend their NFTs after spending BFT to acquire Premium Game Pass and monetize their assets.

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