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Metaverse, Adventure, Action


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BovineVerse is a play-to-earn metaverse gaming platform that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, BVG and BVT. In BovineVerse players will experience a parallel universe with SocialFi and GameFi aspects where people can play, earn, and live with bovines.


In this decentralized economy and gaming platform, each player will own a bovine animal to socialize, adventure, and create. Players can own their NFT bovine animal assets to socialize, adventure, and create, building a diverse and colorful world together. The first game released in the BovineVerse is called Interstellar Rangeland. There are also numerous upcoming games along the way into the BovineVerse such as Football Prediction and Interstellar Trek, in which exploration, battle, and hyperspace adventures will be available to experience in VR.

Interstellar Rangeland is the first virtual parallel world in BovineVerse. Players will be silicon-based animals known as interstellar cattle who will play, earn, and live in this exotic Rangeland. Furthermore, players have complete freedom in Interstellar Rangeland's universe. They are not only capable of achieving cosmic goals by acquiring planets, forming guilds, and executing interstellar missions for loot and rewards, but they also manage their own farm, including producing calves and lending quality livestock; breeding, milking, bullfighting in an arena, and so on. 

Mine-craft inspired Interstellar Sandbox is BovineVerse's second parallel universe. Interstellar Sandbox gives practically endless land for exploration for gamers to explore a 3D environment generated procedurally. They have the opportunity to explore and gather raw materials, resources, crafting equipment, and objects needed to construct planets and spaceships.

According to the game modes, players can engage in fights with computer-controlled alien federations, as well as collaborate and compete with other players from the same game world. There are also survival and creative modes available. The former mode requires players to gather resources in order to create the planet and stay alive, while the latter gives players limitless resources and the ability to fly. Players may alter the game to create new mechanisms, items, and assets from the resources they find.

Interstellar Trek is a virtual reality (VR) and play-to-earn game that works with all SteamVR headsets. The most notable feature of Interstellar Trek is the ability for players to build unique modules via Steam. Workshop and have a free voyage across this realm. This game will center on earning through fighting and earning from exploration and mining.

In BovineVerse players can join different cattle factions and form guilds for various bonuses and socializing. In order to play, players will need to own a bovine NFT, raise an NFT calf from breeding, or open a mystery box with an eggshell. These calves will grow into adult bulls that can earn money through PvE and PvP battles and earn crypto tokens as rewards. Different skill cards can be selected for buffs during these bullfights. They can be merged and leveled up for better attributes. Calves can also grow into cows that can be staked to produce tradeable milk resources in-game.

The game features an in-game market where everything is freely tradeable; NFT bovine heroes can also be traded on markets such as OpenSea. There’s also a breeding market in the BovineVerse, Adult cattle with good attributes can be listed on the market and then lent for mating. Players who ask for mating should pay the required money and transaction fees. After that, they will get a mystery egg box with heredity.

There are numerous ways on BovineVerse in which players can earn. Such establishing and running guilds gain lots of tax revenue as the guild continues to grow. Players can nurture premium cattle for trade. Holders of rare Bovine Heroes NFT are allowed to freely trade on third-party platforms such as OpenSea and TreasureLand to earn revenue. Players can also earn from in-game activities such as PvE, PvP, and mining or staking.

Token Information 

BVG is the main utility currency issued by BovineVerse that can be obtained by participating in the game, airdrops, mining, staking, etc. Players can obtain BVG through tasks like PvE. BVG serves the purpose of in-game currency and can be used to purchase gaming items and transactions, etc. BVT is the governance cryptocurrency issued by BovineVerse that can be obtained by game and airdrop activities and is tradable on exchanges. Players can use BVT to purchase gaming items, breed cows, level up, and so on. The more BVT you own, the more votes you get in DAO governance in BovineVerse. 


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