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BR1: Infinite

BR1: Infinite

Bravo Ready
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BR1: Infinite is a play-to-earn risk-based action shooter game developed by Bravo Ready. The game introduces a concept where players pay-to-spawn and kill-to-earn for every elimination. Players can engage in multiple game modes that have different gameplay elements on an infinite island map. Players have the opportunity to play matches, compete against opponents, and practice against their friends.


BR1: Infinite features Infinite Royale, Free-For-All, and Private Match modes. Infinite Royale allows players to pay a spawn fee and, for every opponent they eliminate, earn their opponent's spawn fee. The fees vary from $0.10 to $10 per spawn and per kill. Free-For-All mode, on the other hand, allows players to spawn for free and play without risking any money. It can act as a practice and warm-up mode before playing Infinite Royale. Lastly, Private Match mode lets players enjoy friendly battles with their friends in a closed gaming environment on a dedicated server they choose to play. To participate in BR1:Infinite, players currently use USDC-SPL for payments.

The game has three distinct factions: Apes, Droids, and Humans. These factions serve as a background for Operative NFTs. Players can align with one of the factions by owning an NFT. Owning a BR1: Infinite Operative NFT is not required to play the game. However, players who do own an Operative NFT have an earnings retention bonus and can use their Operatives as in-game character skins. BR1: Infinite also offers a diverse range of weapons and items, such as ranged weapons, melee weapons, defensive equipment, and consumables.

BR1: Infinite features an island map that is designed to funnel players towards the center. As players progress towards the center, they encounter various obstacles and barriers that limit their ability to retreat. The map spans a diameter of three kilometers, includes spawn points distributed along the map's edge, and can have more than 100 players in a single match.

The matches doesn't have a fixed start or finish. Players begin on the edge of the map and work their way towards the center, where they can encounter other players already in action. The game session continues indefinitely, only ending when a player is eliminated or manages to survive. Upon elimination, players retain 85% of their earnings and are removed from the game.

Alternatively, players can exit the game through survival. By reaching a certain survival timer, players can initiate a 30-second countdown that, when completed, automatically removes them from the game. Surviving players retain 90% of their earnings but must remain still and avoid taking damage during the countdown.

Token Information

BR1: Infinite utilizes the USDC-SPL stablecoin for in-game transactions and rewards. Players can earn for their skill and performance in the game while supporting the ecosystem

The game has two collections of NFT Operatives: the Ape and the Droid Operatives. The Ape Operatives, totaling 2500, and the Droid Operatives, 7500, offer an earnings retention bonus and the ability to use them as in-game character skins.

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