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Britaria is a play-to-earn blockchain-based 3D MMORPG game that utilizes the Solana network with its NFT aspects and cryptocurrency, DREAD. The game started as an off-chain game and reached thousands of people. Therefore, the upcoming on-chain relaunch for Britaria will include over two years of developed gameplay, in-game aspects, and new features such as the combination of isometric and third-person points of view.


The game offers total freedom to its players since nothing in the game is predefined; players choose their paths by their actions. By abiding by the law, players can be honorable citizens of Celador, or on the opposite, by committing crimes against the citizens of Celador, they can be criminals and player killers (PKs).

Each character can be anything from a crafter to a thief in the game. Unlike traditional MMORPGs, Britaria’s gameplay does not rely on classes. Players can pick and focus on different skills and create unique combinations and gameplays. Thanks to this classless approach, a player can change his skills and play something different whenever he wants. Instead of leveling a character, players level their chosen skills. Therefore, players become as strong or sufficient as their improved skills.

The entire in-game economy of Britaria depends on the players. As a sandbox MMORPG, players craft, buy and sell trading goods such as armor and weapons. Since its a player-driven economy, the prices of the items that players want to purchase are defined by other players. The main reason for being a player-driven economy is because the entire crafting system relies on resource gathering and refining. Resources that are used to produce trading goods are collected and refined by crafter players.

In the game, players can own NFT land plots and houses on their lands. As house owners, players can freely customize and decorate their houses by placing decorations, furniture, and items in them. Since land plots and the houses in these land plots are NFT assets, they can be sold in the marketplace. When a “House Deed” is being sold, the items, furniture, and decorations inside are sold along with the house. 

As a spiritual successor of Ultima Online, Britaria also has a big risk-big reward mentality. Other players can loot killed players, and dead players can lose their equipped items, such as armor and weapon, and items in their backpack, such as gold, reagents, etc., upon death. However, item insurance prevents this loss for players. By using DREADtokens, players can purchase item insurance for each item to keep their valuables even if they’re dead. When a player with insured items has been killed, the killer player will be awarded half of the DREADthat the player spent insuring his items. For example, if a player spent 10 dollars on the item insurance, the killer player will receive 5 dollars upon successfully killing that player.

Token Information

Britaria uses DREAD tokens as its official cryptocurrency. Players can use these tokens to sell, buy, and trade NFT items on the marketplace, participate in community events, insure their items, form guilds, and purchase “Jail Exit Pass” which can be used to exit from the jail with a clean slate, vote for the future of the game and run for the title of “Governor” to be a community leader. 

Players can earn DREAD tokens by staking, allowing them to lock in their tokens for a set amount of time to earn a guaranteed rate. APR for staking a year is 25%, staking for two years is 30%, and staking for three years is 35%. 

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