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Metaverse, MMO, RPG


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BurgerCities is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain metaverse where players can own different sorts of NFT assets on the Binance Smart Chain network. The native token, BURGER, can be earned through various gameplay activities. Players can roam around the map and interact with the world and other players. The game is available to play in browsers.


BurgerCities has a world map that acts as a homepage for its players. Players can check their daily tasks and world events and explore the city. There is a black market shop that acts as an exchange, a central bank that is a staking hub, an energy plant that provides LP tokens, a dining room where players can rent or trade NFT heroes, and a BurgerFactory that allows players to summon heroes. The summoning process requires two heroes and has a chance of summoning a higher-rarity hero when performed.

Heroes have different utilities that can be used in various scenarios, such as PvP fights and adventure mode quests. Players can level up heroes with gained experience and use them in completing in-game tasks in order to earn BURGER tokens. Each hero has a unique number assigned to them when they are born. Heroes vary in rarities that range from green to blue, purple, and orange. The rarer heroes have more attributes and a higher probability of obtaining rare NFT equipment.

There are six different elements that each hero can have: water, fire, wind, earth, light, and dark. These elements each have various synergies and disadvantages that are active when they are working together. For example, different types of land buff the corresponding element’s hero, or the heroes with the same element can buff each other. Each hero has a stamina bar that is used for in-game actions and exploration. When it is depleted, it can be recovered simply by waiting or using consumable items. If a hero doesn’t have any stamina or has a health level below ten percent, they cannot perform any actions. 

The manufacturing process requires heroes to craft prop items. Players can use their gathered materials to make props and sell them on the market. While crafting, a hero’s relevant stat for the prop will determine the outcome of the process. The manufacturing-related skills, on the other hand, will impact the crafting time, gains, and bonuses.

Token Information

The BURGER token is the native token of BurgerCities. BURGER can be used to trade in-game items like Hero NFTs. It can be earned by participating in competitions and placing on the leaderboard in BurgerCities or some official events via Twitter. It can also be earned by converting the other in-game currency, GOLD,  in the marketplace. GOLD is the in-game utility currency that can be used to buy in-game items and consumables.

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