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Cantina Royale

Cantina Royale

Cantina Royale
Action, RPG, Arcade
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Cantina Royale is a free-to-play play-to-earn blockchain top-down arcade shooter action game where players can own NFT characters and weapons while earning CRT tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Cantina Royale offers dynamic gameplay and different game modes that the players can participate in. The game is available on mobile platforms.


Cantina Royale features PvE and PvP modes where the players can fight against different enemies. In PvE modes, players battle against waves of enemy bots that drop valuable loot, while in PvP modes, players fight against each other in various multiplayer arenas. There are four multiplayer PvP modes; 1v1 matches, free-for-all matches, team deathmatches, and objective-based team matches. Each of these modes allows for four to eight players, except for 1v1. The PvE modes, on the other hand, feature missions that allow players to form teams and complete them cooperatively. Players can also choose to participate in these missions solo if they are looking for more of a challenge. There are bosses and various bot enemies in PvE modes, such as melee bots, grenadier bots, commando bots, and many more.

The NFT characters in Cantina Royale are called space apes. They each have a rarity that ranges from bronze, silver, gold, epic, and legendary. Each tier of a rarity is associated with a loot multiplier. The higher the rarity of an ape, the better the loot the apes will earn. The rarities also affect various attributes of an ape, such as vitality, defense, and agility. Vitality determines the hit points of a character, defense affects the shield recharge rates, and agility decides the movement speed of an ape. Besides these base stats, each ape has two random perks assigned to them. These perks have different power levels that are dependent on the rarity of the character. There are more than a dozen perks with effects like buffing a character's proficiency with a certain type of weapon, allowing them to get health back with each kill, or gaining immunity to stun effects. Weapons are also divided into five different categories, with each featuring a unique playstyle. Rapid-fire and spread weapons like submachine guns and shotguns excel at close range, while precision and explosive weapons like the crossbow and the rocket launcher are better suited for mid to long-range engagements.

There is a recruitment mechanic that is very similar to the breeding process that many other games employ. Recruiting allows players to own new NFT characters that they can shuffle around when playing different game modes. This process doesn’t require players to own multiple NFT characters, the recruitment options simply unlock as players play the game with their characters. In-game progression allows players to upgrade their apes. Apes start with fifty to eighty score points that are dependent on their rarity. Each space ape starts at level zero and can be leveled up to level one hundred. Every level provides a randomly allocated additional point to their general score.

Token Information

CRT tokens are the native in-game currency that can be earned from different missions and game modes. It is used in the marketplace to buy new NFT characters and items while also acting as a governance token for the holders.


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Cantina Royale IDO18 Jul — 18 Jul 2022

$ 0.04 $1,500,000.00 37,500,000100% at TGE131,855,000

Private Sale
$ 0.03 $4,500,000.00 150,000,0005% TGE, 15% every 3 months + 20% on month 18131,855,000


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