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Captain & Company

Captain & Company

KAP Games
Action, Adventure, RPG
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Captain & Company is a pirate adventure blockchain game where players can engage in grand sea battles and compete with friends to become the most notorious pirates on the high seas. They can command a crew of adept pirates, each skilled in various roles, and embark on adventures to amass wealth, fame, and glory. The game offers a vibrant pirate world filled with challenges, treasures, and epic tales, all set against the backdrop of the vast ocean.


In Captain & Company, players start by choosing their path: either as a Captain, who owns ship NFTs and leads the charge in battles, or as part of a Company, which supports Captains and earns rewards from successful engagements. This dual-role system adds depth and strategic elements to the gameplay, allowing players to experience different facets of pirate life.

New players begin their journey by deciding their role. Captains take on the responsibility of owning and managing ships, which are integral to the game's mechanics. These ships are unique NFTs that players can purchase from the game's OpenSea collection. By syncing their wallets to their account, players can seamlessly integrate their digital assets into the game and embark on their maritime adventures.

Ships are central to the gameplay in Captain & Company. Each ship's NFT is unique and comes with specific attributes and capabilities. Players can upgrade their ships, enhance their performance, and equip them with advanced gear to dominate the seas. The acquisition and management of ships involve strategic decisions, as players must strike a strike a balance between offensive power and defensive resilience.

Players can recruit a diverse crew of pirates, each specializing in roles such as gunners, boatwains, carpenters, and surgeons. These roles are crucial in battles, as each contributes to the overall effectiveness of the ship and its crew. Players must strategically assign roles and manage their crew to maximize their chances of victory in battles against other players.

Battles in Captain & Company are dynamic and fast-paced. Players navigate their ships through dangerous waters, engage in combat with enemy vessels, and employ tactical maneuvers to outsmart their opponents. Victorious players earn rewards in the form of loot, which can be used to upgrade their ships, recruit better crew members, and enhance their overall pirate prowess.

Beyond battles, Captain & Company features a rich trading and resource management system. Players can harvest resources, trade goods, and engage in economic activities to support their pirate lifestyle. This adds another layer of depth to the game, allowing players to build wealth through commerce and trade.

Token Information

The game features its own native token, KAP, which serves as the primary currency within the game's ecosystem. Players can use KAP to purchase ship NFTs, recruit crew members, and trade resources in the in-game marketplace.

Players can earn KAP through various in-game activities, including battles, trading, and completing quests. The token can be used to acquire new ships, upgrade existing ones, and buy gear for their crew. The rarity and attributes of ship NFTs are determined by their KAP value, with rarer ships offering superior performance and capabilities.

Captain & Company features a robust marketplace where players can buy, sell, and trade ship NFTs and other in-game assets. Players can list their ships and crew members for sale, set prices, and negotiate trades with other players, creating a dynamic economy within the game.

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