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Castles the NFT Game

Castles the NFT Game

Metasource Games
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Castles the NFT Game is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain strategy game where players can own lands and castles while earning MSOURCE tokens on the WAX network. Players are able to craft buildings and compete against other players. The game is available to play on browsers.


Castles the NFT Game’s economy is based on a scarcity system where there are limited NFTs that the players can craft. Players have to race against each other in order to own these finite NFTs before the supply runs out. NFTs can range from farms to towns to castles, and they can be upgraded by merging multiples of the same land. In order to mint land, players need to own royals.

Royals are special NFT characters that can store charges, which can mint land for their owners. Baron is one of the royals that have a limited supply in the game, and it will mint a land daily. A baron holds up to seven mint charges that can be refreshed with royal seals. Royal seals can be bought directly from the marketplace with WAX tokens. Barons have a chance to mint either a farm, a ranch, or a village, with the latter having the least chance.

The land types range from farms, ranches, villages, towns, cities, and castles. Players who own any type of land can collect MSOURCE tokens from these NFTs daily, as they generate tokens each hour. Castles have the highest amount of generation rate while the farms are the lowest. Players can merge lands in order to upgrade and have a chance of generating extra lands in the process

In order to supply resources for crafting, players can own crafters that are tied to their specialized materials. Lumberjacks provide lumber, carpenters give out wood, and miners deliver metal each day. These resources are needed to craft land packs and upgrade equipment.

Additionally, players can participate in limited-time events called wonders. Users can mint a wonder bounty and allow others to use it while gaining its utility rewards from its use. There has been three different wonder events and each featured different rewards for holders. Free-to-play players can also participate in different aspects of gameplay with their given character, Squire.

Token Information

MSOURCE token is the native currency of Castles the NFT Game and it can be used in every in-game transaction and in the marketplace. They can also be used for crafting and upgrading.


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