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Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance

In Development
Chain of Alliance Team
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Chain of Alliance is a play-to-earn fantasy/sci-fi RPG on the Chromia blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, COA. The game utilizes a play-manage-create model, which allows players to form parties of adventurers, combat other parties or AI-controlled monsters for loot and experience points, and develop and customize their characters in order to earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.


Chain of Alliance is a fantasy/sci-fi strategy game that utilizes a play-manage-create model. It allows players to form parties of adventurers, combat other parties or AI-controlled monsters for loot and experience points, and develop and customize their characters. The game is built on the Chromia blockchain and allows players to participate in battles and create their own campaigns and stories. The game has a focus on character development, and its easy-to-understand gameplay requires real-time strategy to outmaneuver and defeat opponents.

The game's main focus is on character development, where players can pick from multiple species, classes, and loot to create and enhance their characters. All characters are represented as non-fungible tokens, and game progress is stored on the blockchain. Players will also be able to battle each other in the game's initial turn-based PvP mode.

The gameplay of COA is based on an auto-battle system, where players buy characters out of the six that are offered each round and find the right strategy, placing characters with complementary abilities and items in the right positions. The game has three core pillars, represented by three game roles: adventurers, landlords, and creators.

Adventurers are the characters that players control, and the game revolves around battles and exploring the realms of COA. Players can unlock and craft character fragments, equipment, and consumables, and gain experience points that are used to level up characters, improving the player's party. Landlords are players who participated in COA land sales, and they can create arenas where players can participate in PVP matches for experience points and rewards. Land management is an important part of the Landlord's experience, as the better a land is managed, the more attractive it will be for players to use. Creators are players who can create their own campaigns and stories within the Chain of Alliance. This allows players to express their creativity and share their own unique vision of the game with others.

Currently, the game has two modes: PvP and PvE. The game is easy to understand with unique gameplay that requires real-time strategy to outmaneuver and defeat opponents. NFTs play a vital role in character development and customization. Characters in the game are created by combining fragment NFTs, which represent different body parts such as the head, torso, arms, and legs. These fragments have unique attributes, and when combined, they form the unique character NFT. These character NFTs can be equipped with various types of gear, assigned to a specific class such as hunter, fighter, or mage (each with its own set of improveable jobs), and can be leveled up by playing the game. This allows players to fully customize their characters to suit their playstyle and strategy.

The game also utilizes Land NFTs, which are used to customize arenas, level up arenas to earn more resources, and can be rented out to other players. The rarity of the land is not public information at this time, but it is expected that higher levels of arenas will offer higher quality rewards and potential airdrops.

Token Information

Chain of Alliance utilizes a single-token model, with COA being the main currency of the game. COA has multiple functions within the game, including serving as the main currency of the marketplace, and as the governance token. Token has various uses such as rewards from PvE and PvP, and staking rewards and can be paid to unlock, craft, level up characters and arenas, transaction fees, and governance.


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