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Chain of Legends

Chain of Legends

Chain of Legends
Strategy, Adventure


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Chain of Legends is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy game where players can own NFT lands and buildings while also earning CLEG tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can buy lands to mine tokens and expand their empires by creating mines. The game is available to play in browsers.


Chain of Legends allows players to gather two kinds of resources. Stone and iron can be acquired through the marketplace or mined from corresponding mines. Stone is required to build and improve iron mines and barracks. Additionally, it is used to build catapults for soldiers. Iron, on the other hand, is required to train troops. It can also be used for building and upgrading barracks. Aside from iron and stone, players can build CLEG token mines in order to earn tokens.

Players need to own land in order to place their buildings and start earning. Each land has a different and limited amount of resources scattered on them. There are five types of land: desert, common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. Mining on land has a fixed starting rate that gets slower as players harvest resources. Once a land’s resources are depleted, the land will disappear, and the players will have to find a new one.

Resource buildings and mines help players progress. However, their hit points decrease by two each day, which results in a loss of performance. They need to be repaired by paying a certain number of tokens in order to restore their production. These buildings also have a capacity that fills as they produce. Players need to be collecting and harvesting their resources to keep their buildings working. To increase production, buildings can be upgraded, and each upgrade requires a certain amount of time to complete. These upgrade times can be sped up by paying a sum of tokens.

Barracks are used to train units that help players in battles. Players can train warriors, archers, lieutenants, cavalry knights, royal mages, catapults, dragons, and goblins. Units can be sent on adventures like dungeons or treasure islands to fight against monsters and collect treasures. Each unit gains experience during battles, which allows them to level up. Advancing to the next level upgrades their attributes such as attack and hit points. Additionally, players can combine two units of the same level in order to get a stronger unit that is one level higher. 

Token Information

CLEG tokens are the native currency of Chain of Legends. They can be earned from mining land or gathered from adventures. They can be used to speed up the mining process and acquire more materials that are needed to keep up the production. They can also be staked for further profits.


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