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In Development
Minted Loot Studios
Action, RPG
Not available


ChronoForge is a multiplayer action RPG blockchain game set in a world where time itself has fractured. In this dynamic universe, players can enjoy real-time 'hack and slash' combat, embark on quests through ever-changing dungeons, and collect unique digital assets. Whether you're battling alongside friends or trading valuable loot, ChronoForge offers an engaging experience for everyone.


ChronoForge thrives on real-time combat and cooperative play, encouraging players to team up to conquer dungeons filled with challenging foes and traps. Each dungeon is procedurally generated, making every adventure unique with challenges and layouts that change with every run. This unpredictability adds depth and replayability, as players must adapt their strategies to succeed. Beyond combat, ChronoForge emphasizes exploration and resource gathering. Players can upgrade their gear and settlements using resources collected during their quests, with the game's economy and scarcity model adding a layer of strategic resource management.

The game features several types of NFTs, including playable characters, unique gear, and utility items, each with its own significance. The genesis collection of characters, called Adventurers, allows players to own a piece of the game's history, with these characters offering unique in-game abilities and benefits. Additionally, there are Support Airship NFTs, designed to assist in dungeon raids and resource harvesting, and Prospecting Deed NFTs, which grant players governance rights and a share in the game's economy through taxation of in-game resources.

ChronoForge is currently in its development stages but has already made a name for itself through its previous public playtests. Gamers eager to dive into the ChronoForge world can add the game to their wishlist on the Epic Games Store. To stay updated on everything related to ChronoForge, including details about upcoming playtests, players can follow the game's social media channels for the latest announcements.

Token Information

ChronoForge incorporates blockchain technology to offer players a unique aspect through its use of NFTs. These NFTs allow players to own, trade, and mint digital assets within the game, transforming in-game characters, items, and loot into valuable digital assets that players can truly own. The game’s ecosystem features its utility token, RIFT, which plays a pivotal role in the game's blockchain features. RIFT is required for various in-game transactions, including minting NFTs from characters and items obtained during play. The use of RIFT for NFT production, fusing, and game balancing ensures that the token is integral to the gameplay experience. Additionally, RIFT serves as a governance token, allowing players to participate in decisions that shape the game world and its future development.

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