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Chubby Five

Chubby Five

In Development
RPG, Puzzle
Not available


Chubby Five is a real-time puzzle role-playing game developed on the blockchain that offers play-and-earn gameplay with its unique NFT characters and CHU tokens. Players can gather their team, match the tiles, and destroy their opponent’s characters.


Chubby Five’s board is very similar to other match-three games. The main difference of Chubby Five is that another player will be your opponent, and you need to eliminate every hero of your opponent with your moves. The first one to eliminate all the opponents wins the game.

Every hero has a unique color. Each color represents a class. Classes are based on the “rock-paper-scissors” mechanic. Therefore, some classes are stronger against certain ones and weaker against others.

If there is a missing class in the team lineup, the puzzle pieces of the missing class won’t damage your opponent. The mechanics work just by swiping a tile and matching three or more colors. When you match those tiles, the hero that is bound to that color attacks the opponent. The more colors you match at once, the more damage you will do with combos.

When three or more tiles of the same color are matched, any heroes on your team who belong to the same color group gain experience for the mana bar. The heroes can cast special skills to attack the foe once the mana bar is full.

Every class has different kinds of ultimate skills. For example; as a damage dealer character or as an assassin has skills that deal damage to opponents. Furthermore, as a nurturing character, support has skills that heal all the members of the team.

There are over 100.000 unique NFT characters per class! Chubby characters consist of five different classes: tank, support, warrior, marksman, and assassin. Also, there are three types of character rarities in the game: uncommon, epic, and legendary. Each rarity type is different in terms of base stats like health, attack, defense, and pace.

Token Information

The CHU token is a governance token of Chubby Five. It is mostly used on the marketplace to buy and sell NFT characters. Players can earn CHU tokens by competing in PvP battles, in-game events, and selling NFT characters on the marketplace. They can also be staked for further profits. CHU holders will be able to participate in key governance votes. Chubby Point, on the other hand, is the in-game currency that is widely used for in-game actions. There are several ways to earn Chubby Points. They can be obtained through gameplay and as a reward from the rankings on the leaderboard. They are used for special events, cosmetics like avatars, and in-game items.


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