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City States: Medieval

City States: Medieval

In Development
City States: Medieval


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CityStates: Medieval is a cross-platform, empire-building blockchain MMO game currently in development for mobile and desktop. In the game, players will be able to build and expand their city, level up their buildings and troops as they progress. To provide players with more custom play styles, the developers will be giving players the freedom to build anything, anywhere, and whenever they want. For example, players will be able to adjust their city to produce goods with high demand and price while buying the resources needed at a cheaper rate on the market.


In the beginning, the player will start with just a few villagers and the resources needed to build the necessary buildings to create their little economy. As the city grows, more villagers are required to work and fill the military ranks later on. Villagers and troops have needs that the player must satisfy, like food to eat and wood to keep warm. These needs will change over time as the player progresses in the game. 

Aside from the starting position, new buildings will be unlocked after meeting specific requirements. Players will be able to build a marketplace that will be the gateway between their city and the global economy. After building the marketplace, the player can start trading resources, goods, etc., with other players. 

PvP in CityStates: Medieval will be turn-based with a lot of room for different strategies. Since the maps will be generated procedurally, the chance to see the same map again to develop a specific strategy will be very low.

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