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Clash of Streamers

Clash of Streamers

Clash of Streamers Team


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Clash of Streamers is a gacha game available for PC and mobile that combines play-to-earn mechanics and blockchain aspects. The game offers offline gameplay, full live streaming capabilities, and a collection of pets and heroes.


As a unique part of Clash of Streamers, players can create their own heroes with their faces attached to them. By simply uploading their faces into the game, players can create their own NFT heroes and sell them to generate income.

In the Clash of Streamers metaverse, players will continuously try to find heroes and pets and improve them as much as they can. Improved pets and heroes can be sold by players in the marketplace for revenue. In the game, heroes are much more valuable than pets; completing weekly events, daily quests, and achievements will give players new heroes which can upgrade the players’ team of collectibles. Also, any loot that players will get (Athene Coins, Community Chips) can be used on heroes to improve their performance and general stats. Strong heroes can be helpful during the adventure of Clash of Streamers; the stronger heroes can make the Campaign, Idle Boss, and Arena modes much easier.

The most rewarding game mechanics, Weekly Events, and Seasonal Challenge are the best ways to provide in-game progress. By completing Weekly Events and Seasonal Challenges, players will be rewarded with powerful heroes, powerful shiny pets, event artifacts, legendary stars, and weekly event loot.

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