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Clementine's Nightmare

Clementine's Nightmare

In Development
Pixelated Ink
Action, Strategy, RPG, Adventure
Not available


Clementine’s Nightmare is a play-to-earn RPG with autobattler and strategy elements on the Ethereum blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, PIXEL and INK. Clementine’s universe takes a one-of-a-kind turn for the worse when her world is invaded by nightmarish creatures from other realms of reality. Players will help Clementine in her journey in PvE and PvP in order to earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.


Clementine's Nightmare is a gaming universe filled with fantastical creatures and nightmarish beasts. The game is set in the "Whimsical Macabre" world of Clementine's neighborhood, where her world comes to life and transforms around her for the worse as she fights back against the darkness with her friends.

Once players arrive in the neighborhood, they will be immersed in multiplayer 3v3 matches and story missions to unlock PIXEL. PIXEL is used for various purposes in-game, such as customizing and leveling up heroes, and can also be converted into INK tokens. The gameplay revolves around multiplayer 3v3 matches and story missions. In multiplayer matches, players will be able to team up with friends to take on challenging enemies and bosses. Players will control a hero character, each with their own unique abilities and skills. Combat is action-packed, with players using a combination of weapons and abilities to defeat enemies. Players can also use special abilities to help their team, such as healing or providing defensive shields. In addition to multiplayer matches, players will also be able to complete story missions that will unlock new areas of the game and reveal more of the story. These missions will be single-player, and players will have the ability to use different heroes with different abilities and skills to complete them. Players will be able to level up their heroes by gaining experience points and completing missions. This will unlock new abilities and skills for them to use in combat. Players can also customize their heroes with a wide range of cosmetic items, such as clothing, armor, and weapons. In ranked mode, players will be able to compete against equally skilled opponents, queuing solo or as a team, and winning will grant additional PIXEL. Different ranks will unlock various rewards, from special customization to a spot on the community leader board. The community will be able to team up with friends in more casual matches as well as single player missions. In-game matches will have limited communication and will rely on an emoji/alert-based system to communicate with the team.

There are three ways for players to earn in the game's economy: Leveling up and customizing heroes, then converting them into NFTs. Each NFT is a representation of the hero they had in-game, with all attached customization and in-game characteristics. Players can sell these heroes on the open marketplace, but only high-level heroes will have the ability to be exported as NFTs. Exporting high-level items considered rare or legendary as NFTs. This is a player-run economy where the price is dictated by the quality of the item and demand.

Earning PIXEL in-game through selected game modes, which can be converted to INK tokens. The economy outside of the game is player-owned and player-driven, giving players the freedom to convert their PIXEL and export their heroes onto any Web3-enabled blockchain.

There are several different types of NFTs that players can earn or purchase in the game. NFTs can be rare, higher-level cards or cosmetics, as well as max-level heroes. Players will be able to export these items onto the open marketplace, where they can be sold on any NFT marketplace. This is the heart of the player-run economy, as players can set their own prices for what their characters and items are worth. Character NFTs: Players can export their max-level in-game characters as unique NFTs, with all attached cosmetics. These NFTs will have a saved battle history and any past records attached, making them valuable to collectors and other players. Cosmetic NFTs: Players can export rare or higher cosmetic items as NFTs. These items change a wide range of features on a player's character, such as clothing, armor, and weapons, and are highly desirable for players looking to customize their characters. Card NFTs: Players can export rare or higher cards as NFTs. These NFTs will have battle records attached to all decks they were a part of, along with their win-loss ratio. These NFTs are valuable to players who want to build powerful decks and compete in ranked mode.

Token Information

Clementine's Nightmare has a dual-token currency model. The game features two types of currency: PIXEL and INK. PIXEL is the off-chain in-game currency that can be earned by players in a variety of ways. Players can earn PIXEL by holding a Clementine's Genesis or Eclipse NFT and receiving PIXEL as a reward on the game's release. PIXEL can also be earned by playing select game modes. PIXEL can be used to purchase in-game heroes and cosmetics, card packs, and to augment player heroes. INK is the on-chain token that can be obtained by players by converting PIXEL into INK, purchasing on exchanges where INK is available using other cryptocurrencies, or by selling their heroes and cosmetics on secondary markets. INK can be used to trade on exchanges where INK is available, purchase heroes and cosmetics on secondary markets, and convert max level heroes or rare and higher cards or cosmetics into NFTs.


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