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Codyfight is a free-to-play multiplayer AI coding turn-based strategy game that utilizes BNB, Ethereum and Polygon networks with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, CTOK. It is a turn-based strategy that can be compared to a chess game for programmers. These programmable robots then can be used to engage in battles against other players and other activities to earn rewards in crypto. 


In the game, the player controls a robot that is equipped for combat. Each player can own multiple, uniquely named robots with individual rankings. What is unique is that these robots can be managed online via an API (artificial intelligence player) or directly by human players via the website. 

Players will receive cryptocurrency tokens as a reward for winning games and other activities. Anyone can create AI bots with Codyfight and use any programming language to operate their robots. NFT Skin and CKey are the two major components of each robot (API key to identify & access the game). Everyone who begins the game gets a free robot with a free default NFT skin and will require a CKey (which stands for robot) to get extra robots. A subscription is required to obtain each extra CKey.

Codyfight is divided into three main PvP gameplay modes, these are; Custom mode in which friends play vs. friends, Random mode to play against any random player and finally the ranked mode in the Competitive Arena where players get matched in rank-based matchmaking.

In these modes, players will battle it out with robots operated by AI or by players themselves. They can move around a two-dimensional dynamic rectangular tilemap. Ten rounds make up a match, and each round allows each participant up to 25 movements. The winner of the game is the person with the most points.

In the conventional scenario, a player must consistently play and grind actively in order to advance in the game. Codyfight offers gamers the chance to avoid this by using intelligent AI bots that play independently. 

Developers that participate in the game might profit from their experience by offering to sell or rent such robots to investors. Investors can purchase the source code or a deployed and operational instant. Well-performing players can scale multiple robot farms to maximize their rewards. Thus creating passive income options for both the gamers/coders and investors. 

Forging new robots, upgrading them, and repairing them requires players to interact with the Robot Forge. CKeys can be removed from other robots and used to create new ones. 

Players can earn CTOK rewards by competing in arena games, trading NFT skins, participating in championships, participating in tournaments, hosting community tournaments, collecting uncommon rewards, referral programs, creating in-game art, and bug reporting.

NFT Skins can be purchased from other players in the marketplace via the NFT skin shop. Additionally, skins can be obtained as unique prizes for exceptional in-game accomplishments. Each skin has a finite lifespan, therefore during games, it could fall off or be destroyed and then can be repaired on the Robot Forge.

In Codyfight, each robot has a distinct name that may be given to them or altered in the Robot Forge. To identify and authenticate the exact robot that is sending queries to the Codyfight servers, CKey is utilized as a private key. It is also utilized for playing with keyboard/touch controllers and programming robots.

And to provide uniqueness to these robots besides their programming they all require to have NFT skins. Only a combination of a valid CKey and an NFT Skin makes the robot complete and tradable in the marketplace.

Each game player has the ability to acquire, control, and exchange in-game resources including NFT robot skins, AI bot codes written by gamers/coders, and others. Codyfight operates a community market in which players can exchange, buy, sell, or trade skins with one another where every NFT Skin is tradable.

Additionally, Codyfight offers a marketplace where developers may rent or sell their code to assist those who are enthusiastic about the game but lack programming knowledge. Artists are also welcome to contribute to the game by creating and uploading Robot skins to the Community NFT Skin store and can generate passive income without actively engaging with the game. All of these interactions will use the native CTOK token, the game’s only currency.

Token Information

The Codyfight Token CTOK is an ERC-20 token that can be traded on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains with the main network as Ethereum that bridges to other blockchains. Using this token players can purchase CTickets, NFT skins, multiple Robot subscriptions (CKeys), repair skins, and rename their robots. CTickets give an entrance to competitive arena games, while NFT skins make the Codyfighter look unique and stylish. Players will be rewarded with CTOK tokens when they play in the arena, win matches, or perform better at events. Each player who holds CTOK tokens can also vote on the game’s growth direction in accordance with the DAO.


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IDO (DAO Maker)-$0.08 $250,000.00 3,125,00010% unlock on TGE, 4.5% each month starting at month 5127,000,001Market cap: $995,680$10,160,000
IDO (GameFi)-$0.08 $142,500.00 1,781,25010% unlock on TGE, 4.5% each month starting at month 5
Circulating Supply: 12,446,000
Private-$0.08 $2,438,400.00 30,480,00010% unlock on TGE, 4.5% each month starting at month 5


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