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Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt


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Coin Hunt World is a free-to-play play-to-earn mobile geo-location exploration game. Players traverse real-world areas to gather blue keys and use them to open blue vaults. They will be given a trivia question when they open a vault which, if they answer correctly, will give a reward. These rewards can be either Bitcoin, Ethereum, or in-game prize boxes.


In Coin Hunt World, the main gameplay loop consists of exploring, collecting keys, finding and opening vaults, solving the vault, and gathering rewards. Keybooths and blue vaults respawn at fixed times. There are different kinds of keys and vaults that are color-coded. For example, yellow vaults can only be opened with a yellow key. Vaults yield different crypto rewards based on their rarity, and they are capped differently. The order is white, blue, green, yellow, red, and purple from common to rarest. If the player has the corresponding key and answers the trivia question successfully, they will receive a prize box containing their reward.

There are over ten thousand different vault questions and answers in the game. They are divided into different categories such as art, food and drink, geography, and sports. Trivia questions can be submitted by players.

Token Information

Players are rewarded in BTC or ETH, as well as in-game items such as cubes and resources, depending on the vault they have opened. Collecting keys, finding and opening corresponding vaults, and answering the question correctly rewards players with these currencies.

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