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Coin Pirates

Coin Pirates

Coin Pirates team
Action, MMO
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Coin Pirates is a pirate-themed real-world-inspired, blockchain game with its in-game currencies, GCPR and CPR. 


At the beginning of Coin Pirates, players will start the game by unpacking their captain, officer, or soldiers packs. All items and characters in these packs are all NFT assets, players will have the freedom to pick which assets they want to take on their treasure hunt or trade in the marketplace. Every player in the game will have an account name that will be taken from blockchain networks. This feature will make players known by other players across the sea when they encounter each other, like in any traditional MMO game. Players with account names will be randomly dropped in one of the harbors upon entering the game. 

In the Coin Pirates, the most prized possessions are the ships. Ships can be bought from the in-game marketplace or a secondary market. All ships have different characteristics and abilities such as health, damage resistance, speed, and enemy locator. Health determines how much damage a ship can take in general, while damage resistance determines how much damage resistant a ship is. Enemy locator indicates the visibility of a ship, and speed gives an idea of how fast a ship can go. Depending on the ship type, characteristics and abilities can change. Different ship types can equip different amounts of cannons from a minimum of three and up to a maximum of six cannons. Just like in-game player names, ships will have unique names in the future, according to the game's development team.

Every ship needs a captain, an officer, and soldiers. In the Coin Pirates, a captain increases the damage of the ship's cannons and its crew. Captains also increase the damage resistance of the ship and the navigation abilities of the ship. An officer, secondhand of the captain, increases the general damage output of the cannons in the ship and the ship's crew. He or she also increases the damage resistance, which allows the ship to take more damage. The backbone of every ship crew, soldiers are good at digging out treasures. They also increase the damage amount of the crew.

When players are out in the sea, they will explore different lands and landmarks. Players will be able to determine the potential treasure sites highlighted on the game map. However, this does not guarantee the success of the treasure search. To increase the chance of finding gold and treasure, players can equip a compass. Once a player is ready to dig up the treasure, they will need a shovel or a pickaxe to obtain it. Players will need a certain amount of mining power to dig up treasures. If the mining power is zero, players will have to return to a harbor and restore their mining power. 

Token Information

Coin Pirates has two different types of in-game tokens, CPR and GCPR. CPR can be used to buy soldier, officer, captain, and Captain Jack packs, cannons, treasure chests, ships, diamonds, compass, pickaxe, etc. CPR can be found in WAX.GCPR is the governance token of the Coin Pirates world. They can be used for global voting, rewards, and creating or joining guilds. GCPR can be found in Alcor.


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