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Colonize Mars

Colonize Mars

Colonize Mars
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Colonize Mars is a play-to-earn, colony simulation strategy game that utilizes collectible cards where players can complete objectives, expand their colony, mine, and explore Mars. The cards in the game are NFTs for players to collect. MARTIA token is the main in-game currency that can be obtained through in-game participation. The game is on the WAX blockchain, and NFTs can be obtained from the marketplace.


Colonize Mars has supply crates that contain NFT card packs that may reward base cards, ownership cards, and other collectibles. Base cards are required to play the game, and they represent vehicles, tools, infrastructure, astronauts, and buildings used in the colony. They come in five rarities; standard, shadow, stainless steel, gold, and dark matter. 

Cards can be crafted by combining and blending lower-quality base cards to make higher rarity ones. Ownership cards are the rarest types of cards along with sponsorship cards, they have the highest earning potential. Patches are another type of NFT that visually represents a player's identity, they are only used for aesthetic purposes.

The main colony acts as a base for the player. Expanding is the main goal for the game, and in order to do that, players have to get resources, equipment, and science for the colony to thrive. Once the main colony reaches a certain size, players can develop land and build more new colonies. Each item in the colony has a corresponding card.

There are hazards that act as natural events that interrupt the gameplay loop of players. They are obstacles that have to be tackled, such as; dust storms, marsquakes, and equipment malfunctions. Players can either detect and mitigate the impact of these hazards or repair the damaged items afterward.

Token Information

MARTIA tokens are an in-game currency. They can be used for repairing items, trading resources, and colony improvement. It also acts as a governance token. Players have a choice of what to earn with their cards, it can be either MARTIA tokens or resources like water. Higher rarity cards are much more efficient at obtaining MARTIA tokens and in-game resources. Resources allow the player to provide short-term boosts to their yields. Since the game is on the WAX network, WAX tokens are used to buy cards from the marketplace.


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