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MMO, RPG, Strategy


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Cometh is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain massively multiplayer online role-playing strategy game. Players operate NFT spaceships and participate in battles while earning MUST tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. Players can explore the world and engage in different activities such as mining, piracy, trading, politics, and combat. The game is available to play on browsers.


Spaceships in Cometh are capable of mining asteroids and exploring unknown areas of the galaxy. There are various races that feature distinct spaceships which have different rarities. Players can cooperate with other players to explore remote places, passively mine asteroids, and challenge other players to steal their cargo. Players can form guilds with each other to work for a common goal. Guilds have a shared wallet that can hold guild assets.

There are three levels of exploration; the galaxy map, which displays the solar systems that have already been opened (level three), the solar systems which show the tiles that indicate the density of players and buildings available (level two), and the tiles which display the closest surrounding such as minable asteroids and player-controlled spaceships (level one).

Players are able to control buildings which have four different types; the garage to customize and repair spaceships, the depot to store their cargo and rewards, the cantina to arrange crew members and restore their status, and the factory for the players to craft new spaceships, items, and perks with their resources.

NFT spaceships can be upgraded with other NFT items such as engines, drilling tools, ship parts, and crew members. Mining efficiency is based on the rarities of the ship's radar, drill, and machinery, and the spaceship's inventory slots depend on the rarity of the vessel. Every equipped NFT item can change the spaceship’s characteristics. Ships also come in random color schemes, which make them unique. TUBE NFTs store MUST tokens inside to unlock new perks, upgrades, and spaceships. Spaceships can be rented to others for further profits.

Cometh Battle mode is a new tactical card game mode that allows players to build decks and participate in space battles. Players can combine spaceships and their card decks to compete in different battles. There are three hundred cards to choose from, which can be traded in the marketplace and crafted with gathered resources. New players get free cards to get started.

Token Information

MUST tokens can be used to acquire new NFT spaceships and items. When buying a new spaceship, players will receive a portion of the spaceship's price in MUST tokens to kickstart the player’s journey. They can be earned through successful participation in different game modes. MUST tokens also act as governance tokens that allow voting.

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