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MMO, RPG, Simulation
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Cradles is a play-to-earn, subscription-based decentralized MMORPG game that is set in prehistoric periods in a virtual open environment. In this metaverse, players have the freedom to decide what occurs in the world as time passes.


The world of Cradles is divided into two sections: the main city and an adventure zone. In the adventure zone, the players encounter extinct creatures that once walked the surface of planet Earth. Cradles aims to build a home for these creatures to create an environment for future generations to observe and analyze. Aside from that, players also have the freedom of playing as extinct and unique creatures by simply injecting themselves into the body of a prehistoric animal. 

The main city helps players earn in-game token revenue. Players can create their own NFTs by using the materials that they obtain from exploring the adventure zone. They can also use the main city as a trading hub; all in-game NFTs can be bought or sold in the city’s marketplace. 

The game centers around different types of gameplay. Players can try out novice missions, city governance, ecosystem governance, PvP (player versus player), PvE (player versus environment), and homeland defense war. Players can choose to focus on these gameplays however they want; there are no restrictions or rules to indicate a certain type of gameplay. 

The game has an entropy system that was created by the game’s development team. This system adds a time attribute to all in-game items that can be collected and modifies the items drastically. For example, an iron sword would degrade over time, while the aging process could also add beneficial traits to other items, such as antiques. 

Token Information

DRPC token is the native currency of the Cradles that can be used on the DRepublic platform. Players can buy tickets for Cradles' in-game events. These tokens can be staked for further profits. Players are able to buy both physical and NFT items from the in-game store.

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